Construction waste crushing case

Material introduction

With the development of society, construction waste is also increasing. Not only caused a certain degree of environmental pollution, and take up a lot of urban land, there are also some difficulties to deal with. In order to reduce pollution, rational use of resources. The company ordered construction waste treatment equipment in China and Germany for handling construction waste. The main equipment are: HX tire series mobile crushing station, vibration feeder, belt conveyor and so on. The final treatment of construction waste is well used, can use the waste building concrete and waste masonry production of coarse aggregate, but also for the road pavement bedding, but also can be processed into recycled aggregate for the preparation of recycled concrete.

Construction waste refers to the construction, construction units or individuals on the various types of buildings, structures, pipe network, such as the construction, laying or removal, repair process of waste, spoil, abandoned, mud and other waste. According to the composition classification, the construction waste can be divided into dregs, concrete blocks, crushed stone blocks, brick fragments, and so on. The construction waste can be divided into slag, concrete, Waste mortar, mud, asphalt, waste plastics, scrap metal, waste bamboo and so on. At present, the construction waste in the city is more, these materials for the building itself is of no effect, but must be its effective treatment, and as much as possible to promote the comprehensive reuse of construction waste.

In recent years, the phenomenon of garbage siege more and more serious, it caused a series of negative effects continue to discredit the performance of the local government. In order to solve these problems, various governments have issued policies and increased capital investment to deal with construction waste, which not only helps the government solve the environmental problems, but also the government's Strong money is to make enterprises benefit, really make construction waste disposal enterprises to achieve a "win-win." In accordance with the relevant provisions of the new construction, alteration, expansion of new wall materials business and scientific research and development projects, energy saving wall can change the competent authorities to declare special fund project discount, subsidies.

Program flow

For the characteristics of construction waste, in advance will be non-broken steel and other substances to be selected; the construction waste in the concrete, waste bricks, stones and other crushers in the construction waste, and then into the vibrating screen for screening.

Qualified stone transported by the belt conveyor to the stacking, unqualified stone again into the construction waste crusher to break, thus forming a closed loop to ensure the quality of stone specifications.

In the whole process, to avoid the original material transfer transport steps, the finished product can also be directly transported by the conveyor into the transport vehicle directly transported away, greatly reducing the transportation costs.

construction waste crusher

Aggregate benefits

1. Brick, stone, concrete and other waste crushed, can be on behalf of the sand, for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, playing concrete cushion; waste concrete blocks by fine grinding with standard sand can be mixed with mortar Material used for wall plastering, roof mortar leveling layer, masonry mortar, making floor tiles and so on.

2. Waste bricks are crushed for the aggregate of construction boards. Manufacturing wall panels, not only the quality of light and high strength and sound insulation, small expansion coefficient, because the material is easy, cheap and greatly reduce the cost of sheet metal.

3. Waste concrete block material can be used to do concrete pouring or prefabricated components in the use of aggregate, for the construction of non-load-bearing parts. This will not only save the construction funds, and will not reduce the strength of the structure.

4. The production of recycled brick can be brick, brick, pavement brick, permeable brick, insulation brick, grass brick, sound barrier plate, as many as 100 species, the performance indicators have reached or exceeded the country Related standards.

From the user's most realistic evaluation

The purchase of construction waste crushing equipment is also a great risk for our company. If the quality of products as good as propaganda how to do? Very lucky, we met a good business, do is real things. Give us a targeted solution, give us a lot of trouble.

For the management and disposal of construction waste, most of the developed countries in Europe to implement the source of construction waste reduction strategy, that is, before the formation of construction waste through scientific management and effective control of its reduction. For the production of garbage is the use of scientific means, so that it has the function of renewable resources. And before in China's construction waste have been landfill treatment, not only a waste of available resources, but also pollute the environment, more harm than good. SBM machine production of Construction Waste Crusher is the most advanced mobile crushing station, can easily solve the problem of construction waste disposal.

In recent years, China has also begun to pay attention to the development of resources, put forward policies such as energy conservation and emission reduction, and carry out a large number of feasibility studies, such as the traditional zero garbage recycling, waste masonry materials in the application of garden roads and other practices. Prices are cheaper than other conventional building materials and are popular with the market. In order to effectively solve the urban construction waste, local government departments through the use of construction waste disposal equipment to deal with construction waste decision, the implementation of construction waste recycling, inspection on the market construction waste disposal equipment applications, by the SBM machine production of construction waste Special equipment - construction waste mobile gravel station, the daily handling of the amount of construction waste in about 3,000 tons, half of all by the brick business as a brick-free materials, the rest of the concrete aggregate as a municipal road water stabilization material.

As the construction of garbage is relatively concentrated, the venue is relatively limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, you can use mobile building garbage crusher on a variety of large pieces of material for multi-level broken. Equipment covers an area of ​​small, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; to the scene of the material can be broken without the material from the scene and then broken, thereby greatly reducing the cost of transport of materials. Construction waste crusher can also be based on the actual site design changes, very suitable for Construction waste crusher.