ultrafine mill commissioning process is not possible in the process of failure

In order to ensure that the ultrafine mill better production, find or solve the future operation may occur in the failure, then the debug operation of the stage, there is no possibility of failure?

In the actual work process, in order to ensure the smooth operation of ultrafine mill, we need to carry out a wide range of preparatory work, such as good installation, maintenance and operation, there is a debugging operation of the stage, these stages are to Good to reduce or to avoid the production of possible failures, of course, these stages in the process, there may be a failure, this article is to introduce the ultrafine milling machine in the debugging run, may occur What is the fault?

The first point is that the main roller of the mill is lubricated and the oil is poor

ultrafine mill of the various parts of the type of more, but each have their own functions, each one is irreplaceable, the main roller is one of many components, naturally also played a very important role, if it appears lubrication There are four kinds of solutions: 1) to mobilize the throttle; 2) increase the exhaust port; 3) check the valve out of the exhaust valve, for this situation, we can take the main solutions are four: 1) Piping seal; 4) to improve the temperature of the oil; according to the specific situation of ultrafine mill machine to take a different solution, and then to ensure its normal work;

The second point is the product fineness changes

ultrafine mill machine, as the name suggests is used to process the fineness of finished products, its production process, the quality of the finished product is very strict, not too large or too small, if there is unreasonable phenomenon, we 3) to adjust the parameters of the machine; to ensure that the finished product size, is also a very important measure; 1)

The third point is the change in slag performance

ultrafine mill at work, the performance of slag for the work process has a very serious impact, usually the mineral moisture content changes or particle size does not meet this phenomenon, we can take the solution is to produce before Mineral water and particles for processing, a reasonable re-entry;

The article mainly introduces the failure of the ultrafine mill operation in the operation phase, mainly three kinds, which are analyzed in detail for each kind, and the solution is given to ensure the smooth progress of these aspects. Get good productivity.