Raymond Mill accessories and structural design drawings show

Lee grinding parts, we first think of it may be an important part of the raymond mill grinding ring, in fact, composed of milling equipment accessories have hundreds of kinds, large to the chassis, silos, small bolts and nuts, and even some Accessories timely grinding industry personnel are not called on the name, what parts of the mill parts? What about the appearance? What role? What is the service life?

Milling machine production structure: from the production line can clearly distinguish the appearance of the mill by the jaw broken, bucket elevator, silo, vibration feeder, the host (grinding part and screening part), fans, pipes, Equipment, dust collector and other components of the composition of these components are from the appearance is to judge, and Raymond machine accessories hidden in the majority of the mill, not easy to find, for example: grinding roller cover gland, shovel knife under the plate, Roller bushings, springs, spring drawstring, duct guard, blade blade, blade holder, gasket, gasket, hinge, hinge cover, roller, mold shaft, roller hanger, Grinding roller shaft, grinding ring, tetrafluoroethylene pad, a small bevel gear, leaves, gland, gland nuts, such as large and small combination of hundreds of parts and components. The picture shows a simple mill internal structure, today we will find a few typical parts under the design principles, material composition and the main role.

First, the grinding roller grinding ring, which we all understand, the material high manganese steel wear-resistant material, made from the grinding machine is the main grinding parts, but also wearing parts, roller assembly diagram shown below , Grinding roller for long-term grinding work, wear faster, in order to avoid wear and tear can be modified structure or timely maintenance, such as the new high-pressure Raymond grinding roller on the use of high-pressure spring until, to a large extent increased production, Roller wear can still continue to work also improve the grinding wheel wear ring wearing parts of the service life.

Second, the blade in the grinding process is the main carrier of the material, the material just to the grinding wheel grinding between the grinding wheel, blade relative material requirements are wide, but the wear resistance in quality considerations is also very critical, the initial Blade and disc connection integrated structure design, once the damage needs to be replaced with the overall disc, high cost, cost, replacement maintenance inconvenience, and now a new type of Raymond machine blade design, consistent damage can be directly replaced, the European version of the mine mill more The use of curved design to make the amount of material carrying a larger, higher yield, but also to note that the number of shovel roller are determined by the type of mill, and the number of blades and roller consistent.

Third, the bevel gear drive, gear drive is not every mill has, it is connected between the reducer and the host, to achieve the role of mill speed deceleration, gear transmission on the lubrication requirements of strict, different models of mill lubrication Agent selection is also provided, the gear is the whole machine kinetic energy transmission channel, the transmission effect directly represents the milling equipment production results.

Fourth, the roller shaft and bearings, connected between the roller and plum blossom rack, is also an important transmission device, compared with the gear is more damaged, has been worn, locked and other failures, due to working environment restrictions, Raymond Machine bearing parts on the sealing requirements are high, such as gaskets, seals and other sealing measures, in order to prevent dust into the impact of bearing transmission or cause lubricant pollution and other issues.

Fifth, rubber sets, gaskets are similar parts of the role, play a role in anti-vibration wear, they are one of the few milling production of soft materials, the protection of the bearing frame and their parts are very effective.

Sixth, the analysis machine, fan blades, respectively, installed in the analysis machine, fan internal, play the role of rotating powder, these parts are not easy to wear, but with the working hours will be wear problems, fan blade wear or abnormal rotation Affect the whole air volume transmission, analysis machine as a finished product qualification inspection agencies, if the blade wear serious quality of the finished product will be affected, there will be finished product coarse and other issues.

Many of the components that make up the milling process are several more important and common accessories that are at risk of damage due to various reasons, especially for roller, grinding, blade, and bearings. Loss of parts can be a frequent replacement in the plant, leaves, plastic sets and other damage is low, may be appropriate to keep, like other glands, nuts, spring pull the axis and so almost no damage can be used with the mill, but no matter which Lei Meng grinding parts, the price level, are an important part of milling equipment, are indispensable.

Raymond milling equipment accessories replacement Notes:

  • 1, the choice of accessories is the key, different manufacturers have some differences in the size of accessories, the need to verify the size of the purchase, the best recommended from the original manufacturers order.
  • 2, the installation of accessories to the correct removal, installation of accessories, otherwise it will affect the mill performance.
  • 3, the demolition process, the parts should be structured, gently, especially grinding roller grinding ring and other precision components.
  • 4, some parts should pay attention to cleaning, lubrication, such as bearings, gears and so on.