The emergence of construction waste treatment equipment to promote the industrial chain reform

In today's development of Construction Waste Crusher equipment is no longer just rely on policy support and individual departments to promote, but gradually accepted by everyone, it is because people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually improving, their own production environment is also deepening awareness , We have been farther away from the era of landfill waste.

Construction waste treatment equipment on the treatment of concrete from the particularity of construction waste, in order to understand the principle must be clear its composition, steel, wood and so do not have to say, after sorting can be directly recycled, the work as early as the number of Ten years ago we have already done, the real core process is the treatment of concrete blocks, waste masonry.

Through a long period of persistent propaganda, basically people have learned that the concrete block after the broken stone material can be used to produce recycled concrete, making color brick, hollow brick, etc., to replace the ordinary masonry for the road Laying, but do not know why it can be recycled. The strength of the concrete mainly comes from the cohesive force and the internal friction of the internal particles. The main factors that determine the strength of the concrete are changed, but after the breakage, we can add other components to promote the recovery of the strength. Therefore, the standard of recycled aggregate aggregate can produce high quality concrete and a variety of building bricks.

The emergence of construction waste disposal equipment to ease the pressure on building materials, and energy conservation and environmental protection to provide a new direction, and promote the industrial chain reform.