SBM construction waste crusher equipment to improve the status of industry development

In China, construction waste crusher policy, equipment is not perfect, has not yet formed a smooth and efficient handling mechanism, the vast majority of untreated or simple treatment after the direct landfill, this method of great harm to the environment, its hazards is mainly reflected in the following points:

1, the surrounding environment caused serious pollution, construction waste generally contain difficult to degrade the polymer materials and heavy metal materials, these materials after landfill for a long period of time will not break down, and will gradually penetrate the surface, pollution Underground water, thus endangering the health of the surrounding residents.

2, landfill construction of the internal structure of the land will be bad, difficult to recover within a short period of time, the soil is not basically on the production of plants, sometimes the surface will produce subsidence and subsidence.

3, take up a lot of valuable land resources, China's population pressure is relatively large, the land was very nervous, if in this area in the occupation of a large number of land, then we will face greater land pressure.

In order to mitigate its hazards, the development and promotion of construction waste crusher equipment is imperative. The series of construction waste crusher equipment produced by SBM Machinery can make the construction waste crusher process after processing, to achieve harmless, reduction and resource, At present, more mature technology, is in line with national policy development of the new century one of the important equipment.