Construction waste crusher equipment for urban development

At present, China's annual production of construction waste is almost one-third of the world's total output, but also to exceed the global average speed to accelerate the growth, is simply a terrorist, if no change, the future we will be garbage Surrounded by.

As the pre-generated construction waste has not been dealt with, or buried in situ, or open dumping, so the number of construction waste has been accumulated up to astronomical figures, if not effectively dealt with, we can imagine the future, and if effective Will be put into use, will be the future development of social economy play a huge role in promoting.

Due to the particularity of construction waste crusher and the limitations of the workplace, such as stacking concentration, limited space, inconvenient transportation and so on, it has a high demand for processing equipment. In view of these problems, SBM machinery after long-term research, customer service difficulties, the first in the domestic launch of mobile construction waste crusher equipment, its promotion and use, for the accumulation of mountain construction waste to find a new way out, but also for the depletion of the Natural resources to find the perfect alternative. Even if it is not used as a building material re-use of broken aggregate, can also be used to lay the roadbed, so that the full use.

Construction waste is the heavy burden of urban development, construction waste crusher equipment to promote the solution of this burden, for urban development burden.