What are the common problems in Raymond Mill production?

Raymond mill production temperature is too high how to do? How does the low-end mill leak? These problems occur frequently in the milling process. Failure, regardless of the size of the impact of serious, some may lead directly to the normal production; some do not delay the mill running, but the impact of production efficiency; some lead to wear parts of the mill wear, mill life is shortened, each device is not normal Large failure, so for equipment problems need to pay attention to, so what are the common faults? Can I protect in advance? Today we have a comprehensive understanding of the production of fault problems and solutions, in advance to do preventive measures.

10 large mill failure phenomenon, causing harm, cause analysis and solution Detailed:

1, failure: host start slowly, the impact: mill production efficiency is low, delay production plan, the reasons: supporting the motor power is not enough or voltage instability, solution: check the motor is in line with the mill power size, replace the motor power, check the power Line, set the regulator device.

2, failure: mill host grinding room card material, the consequences: host stuck can not produce, grinding grinding mill grinding wheel blade and other wearing parts, and even the whole site crash, can not be repaired, reason: Foreign material into the material too much or feed uneven, the solution: control Raymond machine uniform feeding, material hardness control in the appropriate range, do a good job before the inspection work, go out can not be grinding impurities.

3, failure: milling powder or less powder production, the impact: power consumption, no real income, useless operations, reasons: lock powder seal lax, resulting in powder suction, air duct blockage or leakage Gas problems, such as serious blade wear, the solution: check the state of sealing powder, dredge the pipeline debris, leak repair at the site, replace the new blade.

4, failure: the production of high temperature, impact: low production efficiency, burnout accessories, the reasons for the analysis: serious machine friction, poor heat dissipation, the solution: good bearings, roller lubrication work, reduce the equipment transmission process The friction, and pay attention to ventilation cooling treatment.

5, failure: the bottom of the mill powder leakage, impact: reduce production production, the work environment dust, harm the health, the reasons: the host chassis and disc edge of the gap, the solution: design recovery device, Device, you can also extend the outer edge of the bed and the outer edge of the disc; increase the height of the baffle and so on.

6, failure: finished product thickness uneven uneven, the impact: production is invalid, the finished product is not up to standard, the fineness of the finished product by the air volume, the two parts of the control machine, the greater the air flow, the lower the machine speed, The more thin, the other analysis machine blade wear will seriously lose the sieving effect, the solution: the appropriate size of the air flow and analysis of the machine speed, the replacement of the leaves can be replaced by new leaves.

7, failure: milling machine bearings do not work, the impact: the mill is the core parts of the mill operation, the bearing does not work the machine to stop the operation, the reasons for the analysis: bearing wear serious, poor lubrication within the bearing, the amount of internal dust caused Lock, the solution: replace the new bearings, clean the bearing debris, add a new lubricant after cleaning, to strengthen the bearing seal protection measures.

8, failure: mill host noise large vibration, the impact: to the staff and the surrounding environment caused by noise pollution, vibration will cause damage to the machine parts, reasons: grinding chamber feed less, grinding roller grinding ring direct contact friction, blade, Grinding roller grinding ring wear serious deformation, feeding material hardness of a large debris into the other, the solution: control the amount of feed, replace the new roller grinding ring blade, control the feeding material purity and hardness problems.

9, failure: supporting the fan vibration is too large, the impact of the impact of unstable wind production, the reasons: the wind on the accumulation of powder or wear imbalance, anchor bolts loose, the solution: remove the blade powder or replace the blade, tighten the anchor bolts The

10, failure: Raymond machine feed port powder, impact: serious environmental pollution, production blocked, the reasons: the pipeline pipeline valve abnormal state or dust bag dust, solution: check the pipeline all the valve state, adjust to the correct Position, clean up the bag filter, keep the dust removal device open.

SBM mine machine to remind the user to encounter the problem of milling machine failure Do not panic, shut down the power, according to the corresponding imagination to check the corresponding parts to find out the reasons for the right medicine can, Raymond milling equipment as an industrial milling machine, the object of action for the limestone, Marble and other minerals, work intensity, dust in the dust serious, poor environmental conditions, which are caused by the main cause of frequent mill failure, it is recommended that you pay attention to the production activities in the mill to keep the working environment clean and tidy, often maintenance Maintenance, encounter small problems do not drag and deal with in a timely manner, adhere to the "precautions, remediation for the first" standard of work.