What factors are affected by the size of the ultrafine mill

For the milling industry, the ultrafine milling machine equipment, the size of the size of the material, the quality of the finished product is determined whether the quality of the first service, the size of the material is the processing enterprises to purchase The first judgment, Shanghai SBM ultrafine milling machine equipment, the finished product size can be 300 mesh to 3000 mesh between the arbitrary regulation of production. So, in some cases, ultrafine mill is what factors affect the grain size?

In the process of ultrafine milling machine, the user should grasp the relationship between the various factors, so as to achieve a good production effect. Sometimes encounter the finished product size does not meet the requirements of the situation, then the user to its production to observe and detect, balance the relationship between a good factor. In order to make the product size control, the user will strictly grasp the relationship between these factors.

Ultrafine milling machine fan speed - in the production, due to the size of the feed itself is different, if the wind is too large, relatively light material even if the fineness of the requirements, will be blown into the collector. On the contrary, if the material is larger, the wind is too small, the discharge will also be affected. Therefore, in the entire production process, the fan speed is a very important factor.

Ultrafine milling machine - host speed. In the actual production process, the control of the host speed is very important. If the host speed is too high or too low, the product will have a great impact on the size of the material. Because the reducer and the motor of the milling equipment are linked through the mill shaft of the mill, then we can adjust the speed by adjusting the current of the motor.

Ultrafine milling machine analysis machine blade wear - analysis of the blade was round distribution, in the production, the leaves will be over time with the wear and tear caused by the phenomenon, and wear directly lead to the analysis of the machine to reduce the election powder The efficiency of coarse powder also homeopathic into the collector of the internal, affecting the size of the material size of the problem. ultrafine grinding machine grinding and grinding ring wear - due to the larger load of the mill, running a long time, it is easy to wear phenomenon. Wear will lead to the material can not be fully ground, then the finished product size can not achieve the desired results.

In the future production, the occurrence of ultrafine milling machine material size can not meet the requirements, you can start from the above points, the right medicine, find the crux of the problem. To ensure that users use the mill's safety and production efficiency of the protection. Shanghai SBM will be ready for you at any time to help you work.