What is the main role of ultrafine grinding of coal?

We all know that the slime pulverized coal drying speed and hot air flow between a certain close relationship, in which the dryer hot air velocity and flow and drying effect of the operation of the operation of the direct induction, how can the palm better grasp the hot air to dry Important role of material? Strengthen the cylinder insulation, the use of boiling furnace heating, increasing the temperature of a solid-phase temperature, improve the temperature gradient; improve the solid-phase heating area; increase the hot air flow of the dryer to improve the hot gas flow rate. In the machine wet material particle size is kept constant and the design of the heating furnace heating under the premise of providing hot air flow velocity to speed up the heat has a significant role. To improve the speed of hot air, you must rationally design the exhaust fan exhaust system and the head end of the heating system. The total pressure is too high, the air volume is too large, will increase the power consumption, but also easy to leave the machine exhaust gas temperature, the air pressure is too low, the air volume is too small, will affect the ventilation, reduce the dryer production; Increase, increase heat loss.

ultrafine mill professional about the structure and the use of the principle, this is a professional special dryer, the structure belongs to the cylinder, but also known as the drum dryer equipment, the use of this dryer and the general bake Dry machine is different, whether from the appearance point of view or from the fundamental use, are completely different settings, mainly used in drying some coal and other substances used in a milling equipment, so the professional name is called ultrafine powder Grinding, from the structure to the use of the design materials are very suitable for the processing of these coal materials, from the material itself on the dryer will use stainless steel high-strength metal materials, coupled with coal is a special material, The use of higher metal materials to design, each mine which must have a special ultrafine grinding use, so apply to such a large-scale processing equipment is ultrafine grinding, it is more efficient operation is also very convenient.

Specifically for the coal mine production enterprises which designed a drying effect of the equipment, applicable to all kinds of metal sludge and ore and other materials drying work. The overall design is cylindrical, this is to increase the use of space, the internal structure is to use the whole, to prevent the use of some impurities into the other parts of the use of the dryer impact. In different angles in the middle there will be different copy board, according to the different materials to change the internal configuration. The ultrafine grinding use is different, so will be configured with different parts, these parts are high temperature materials, after entering the material, not because of the different materials caused by internal friction corrosion. The use of temperature and other hard materials such as stones to remove the moisture, easy to use after processing, is a kind of environmentally friendly and energy efficient drying equipment. ao Ji on the market are highly efficient energy-saving equipment, but because the use of different areas, so the use of the production of materials are not the same, for example, ultrafine grinding of the dryer is a heat source drying equipment, Plus the internal rolling operation, you can make the material inside the full dry.

The structure of the drum is to facilitate the material in the rolling process of turning, so that the dry material more fully, the use of more extensive, no matter how wet the material can be dry through the dryer into a dry matter, there are slime, as well as raw coal, and Clay and so can complete these work in the chemical which a lot of hot sensitive material, not in the traditional dryer inside the operation, this time a special drying to play a role, the use of these drying equipment produced coal mine Higher quality.