Structural Analysis of construction waste crusher

In the initial treatment of garbage generated in the building, because many buildings are not concentrated, resulting in a lot of construction waste is not enough concentration. Therefore, when setting up the factory, the dispersion of construction waste also need to be considered, so as to improve the processing efficiency. Otherwise it will take a long distance and time to transport, so not only increase the cost of transport, but also lead to secondary pollution. So the mobile recycled aggregate production model will become the future construction waste disposal equipment, an important direction of development. In the scene of the construction of construction waste, people will be able to initially deal with these garbage. And then to the aggregate depth processing center to transport the processed recycled aggregate and then complete the corresponding treatment. This will not only reduce transportation costs, but also reduce its impact on the environment. By the crusher, screening system, debris sorting device, transmission mechanism and vibration feeder, self-running function together constitute a mobile construction waste crusher. And, the mobile organization is configured, it can be said that the production line is moving,

(1) crusher

In the mobile crushing station, the crusher is the core component, crushing the construction waste is its main task. The hardness of the material is the main feature of construction waste, low viscosity, there is no high demand for water content, therefore, must ensure that the stone crushing requirements of the equipment will be in the construction waste recycling mobile crusher is used. In order to improve the performance of recycled aggregate, it should be broken out of granular materials, effectively reduce the sheet material content, and to ensure that the particles can be evenly distributed. Therefore, be sure to follow the appropriate standards and scope to control the crusher performance, efficiency and material size.

(2) Screening system

In order to produce high-quality recycled aggregate, if it is difficult to complete a broken in accordance with the requirements, it is necessary to double the broken, which requires the addition of screening system, in the larger particles of the concrete block screening, and then to the crusher In the delivery, once again broken processing, to ensure that effective disposal of construction waste.

(3) debris sorting device

Many debris is present in the construction waste, in particular, there are a lot of scrap wire, waste steel material exists in the reinforced concrete, therefore, need to set a debris sorting device to the mobile crusher, the waste wire, The impact of recycled aggregate properties is reduced.

(4) vibration feeding equipment

If the crusher into the construction of garbage directly, this will give a great impact on the construction waste crusher, if a long time to do so, it will lead to its uneven force, the normal operation of the equipment impact. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vibrating feeder before the crusher. The biggest advantage of the vibrating feeder is the ability to evenly feed. After the vibration of the material, move forward, slowly into the crusher before entering, if the construction waste particles smaller, will fall in the gap between the bar, so as to play the role of screening.

(5) self-walking device

Tire-type and crawler-type walking mechanism is the mobile crushing station in two important walking agencies. Tire-type walking mechanism to facilitate the ordinary road walking, turning radius is small, can be stationed quickly in the site, equipment, high flexibility and save time. Crawler-type walking mechanism, able to walk smoothly, with a lower ground pressure, can effectively adapt to wetlands and mountain environments. Usually on the full hydraulic drive system applications, it is highly reliable, large driving force.