What is the price of ultra-fine grinding of tungsten ore? What are the performance advantages?

Brief introduction of tungsten ore superfine grinding

Tungsten ore is a strategic important material for the development of the national economy. The extracted tungsten metal is widely used in the steel industry (with more than 90% tungsten content), light industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, national defense, environmental protection and electronics. China's tungsten mineral resources, although rich, but generally low quality, comprehensive utilization value is not high.

In order to achieve the rational use of tungsten ore, the major mining enterprises R & D and production of specially designed for tungsten ore grinding of new equipment, that is, tungsten ore ultrafine grinding. The device is developed in conjunction with the characteristics of tungsten ore, and therefore has a strong targeting type, which helps to improve the tungsten ore flotation grade. What is the price of tungsten ore ultrafine mill? What are the performance advantages? These are more concerned about the topic of customers, the next will be detailed for everyone.

Tungsten ore ultrafine mill price is how much

By the equipment quality, market demand, processing capacity and other factors, tungsten ore ultrafine grinding price is not a fixed value, different manufacturers, different stages, the price will change.

  • 1, the quality of equipment
  • Generally speaking, tungsten ore ultra-fine grinding the better quality, the price will be higher, mainly high-quality equipment used in the selection of raw materials is also better, so the price will be higher. However, it is not generalized that a small number of manufacturers (such as CBN) are able to maintain their price concessions while the quality of the equipment is not compromised because of the rationalization of the production process and the reduction in the cost of waste , So the same quality raw materials produced by the equipment prices will be lower.

  • 2, the market demand
  • We all know that when the market demand for ultra-fine grinding tungsten ore is far less than the supply of manufacturers, will cause inflation, the government will take some macro-control, to regulate this phenomenon, this time the equipment price is Relatively low, on the contrary, when the market demand is greater than the supply, the manufacturers will automatically raise the price of equipment.

  • 3, processing capacity
  • As we all know, tungsten ore ultra-fine grinding of the greater processing capacity, the larger the model specifications, the larger the volume, the greater the weight, the consumption of materials and labor costs will be more, so the price higher; the other hand, the processing capacity Weak equipment prices will be relatively cheap. Specific equipment quotation, you can "online consultation" way to obtain.

Tungsten ore ultrafine grinding performance advantages which

  • 1, advanced technology, low cost: tungsten ore ultra-fine grinding is repeated by the relevant experts and numerous practice research and development, its production process is very advanced, compared with the traditional ultra-fine grinding, the internal structure of its optimized design, configuration more Reasonable, thus effectively reducing the size and reduce the body area, greatly reducing the investment costs, while the device uses an automated control system, its operation and transportation more simple and convenient, further reducing operating costs.
  • 2, stable operation, longer life: the equipment grinding body, cylinder and other components are selected strong, wear, compression, corrosion-resistant high-quality materials casting, so that the overall more solid, the entire operation process is very stable Continuous work 1800 hours without failure, reduce maintenance costs and time, while extending its life more than 3 times.
  • 3, more efficient, greater output: the equipment inlet and outlet are improved, the ball is a regular distribution, the tungsten ore can be selectively grinding, greatly improving its grinding efficiency, while the cylinder volume is effectively increased , Can accommodate tungsten ore materials more than 1 times, so the output is also increased by more than 1 times.
  • 4, energy saving, green: The device uses a multi-level sealed cylinder design, to avoid small dust inside the cylinder fly caused by environmental pollution, and the installation of silencer device, the equipment can run the noise control in 68 dB or less ; In addition, the device compared with the traditional ultra-fine grinding, in the same production case, the energy consumption is effectively reduced by more than 60%.