Construction waste crusher in the thunderstorm weather precautions

Construction waste crusher

Recently, the unpredictable weather in Henan Province, not the hot sun, is the winds hit the bad weather. In this weather, the Construction waste crusher to be protected. As a manufacturer of Construction waste crusher we SBM here to explain what should pay attention to what matters.

First of all, because the construction waste crusher itself is a large electric equipment, if the equipment is stored in the open air, we need to install a lightning protection device, so when the thunderstorm the weather more secure.

Second, if the lightning protection device is not installed in the case, the occurrence of such weather will require us to immediately stop the equipment, and other thunderstorms before starting the boot.

Construction waste crusher

Again, the equipment is placed in the open space as far as possible to cover the equipment strictly, electronic equipment in the device, fear of water scare, to avoid electric control box or the motor into the water, causing unnecessary damage to the device itself.

The electrician must then be familiar with the type and performance of the electrical wiring and electrical equipment in the workshop and do not risk taking any action if the electrical equipment is not fully understood.

Finally, the above is for manufacturers using Construction waste crusher. For us personally, we should avoid calling in the open air in such weather to avoid electric shock, as such examples are common. There is also under the tree to avoid the rain, we should all understand this common sense, in this still to emphasize that in order to minimize personal injury to life, or to do a day-to-day attention to avoid unnecessary occurrence. I wish all of you good health and happy every day.