Raymond mill application knowledges

Raymond mill processing tons of material power consumption is how much?

This problem is difficult to statistics, because Raymond mill processing materials up to two hundred species. The output of each material is not the same. The following data for reference only:

  • 1, labor costs, Raymond mill operating staff according to Raymond mill configuration different, that is, different automated configuration, generally require one to three people to operate, each person probably needs about one hundred yuan per day.
  • 2, the cost of electricity, Raymond mill according to the size of different models, the power used and power consumption is different, the actual use of power Raymond mill power rating of 80 percent. The level of electricity costs vary from place to place, electricity in Xinjiang is about 4 hair, electricity in some areas will reach about one yuan.
  • 3, maintenance costs, Raymond wear maintenance costs mainly in the use of wearing parts, mainly ring and grinding roller replacement, which according to different materials, different hardness, the replacement frequency will be different.

The above is the overall cost of using Raymond Mill, as Raymond Mill tons of power consumption is based on the type and material varies, the better the processing of materials, the smaller the power consumption, the greater the model, the smaller the power consumption .

Raymond mill discharge size is how much

Due to the development of the milling industry, Raymond Mill, the leader in the milling industry, has also seen new developments. More and more industries require ultra-fine powder processing, such as 400 mesh, 20 microns and so on. So Raymond mill discharge granularity is how much, whether to meet the requirements of ultra-fine powder processing it? Xiaobian analysis below:

Raymond mill application knowledges

Raymond mill according to the number of grinding roller, divided into many models. According to the size of the size of the material is divided into: ordinary Raymond mill, high pressure Raymond mill, ultra-fine Raymond mill, such as micro-grinding. Ordinary Raymond mill discharge size 0.247-0.045 mm, that is, any adjustment between 40-325 mesh. So ordinary Raymond mill is not suitable for grinding ultrafine powder. Ultra-fine Raymond mill is more suitable for the production of ultra-fine powder, the maximum discharge size of up to 1200 mesh, micronized powder mill output size in the 500-3500 mesh between the arbitrary regulation.

Raymond mill and gray calcium machine difference in that?

First, the biggest difference is that the working principle is not the same, Raymond mill is grinding, and calcium powder machine is the impact of their fitness of the material is not the same, such as the effect of the water with hot iron Is it better? Of course, based on practical experience we can know that the effect of using calcium powder machine is better than the Raymond machine, its noise is relatively small, the output is relatively high, but Raymond mill noise is relatively large, because it is not the middle of the form Layer, so when iron and iron grinding noise certainly larger.

Raymond mill on the humidity of the material is how the request

Raymond mill is the most commonly used a milling equipment for the cause of the domestic powder processing and development has brought immeasurable effect on the material into the Raymond mill, Raymond mill on the humidity of the material is how What is required? Xiaobian brief introduction below:

In order to ensure the normal operation of Raymond mill, in general, the moisture content of the material should be below 6%, if higher than this temperature, it will affect the normal operation of the Raymond mill and the quality of the material. If the feed moisture content exceeds 6%, during the grinding process, the material sticks with the grinding roller and the grinding ring and is not easy to grind. When the grinded material passes through the analyzing machine, it is likely to cause the blocking of the analyzing machine, which eventually leads to Milling work can not be normal, so when using Raymond mill, you should know that the more dry the material, the faster the grinding process, the more uniform the degree of milling, the final yield will increase. Therefore, the humidity requirements of the material, we must ensure that the moisture 6%, can not be exceeded.