SBM Ultrafine mill reduces grinding pressure

Raymond mill processing tons of material power consumption is how much?

SBM committed to the powder products industry superfine grinding machinery and equipment more than 10 years of innovation as the real development. In the market with many loyal customers and considerable sales. High-quality ultrafine mill to bring customers high efficiency, high yield, high yield production, many processing ore enterprises the best choice.

Ultrafine mill in the production of large pieces of material crushed by the jaw crusher to the required particle size of about 1cm, the hoist will be sent to the material storage hopper, and then by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder will be a continuous quantitative delivery of materials Into the host mill grinding room. The material after grinding is sent to the separator for classification by fan airflow. Under the action of the separator impeller, the material which does not meet the requirement of fineness falls into the grinding chamber to grind again. The material meeting the fineness requirement will flow through the pipeline Into the cyclone powder collector to separate the collection, the discharge device is the finished product powder.

If the material to be pulverized contains a certain amount of moisture, the heat generated during grinding will evaporate and expand the gas in the milling chamber to change the air flow of the system, together with the sealing problem at the joint of the inlet and each pipe, the outside air Into the system so that the air flow out of balance, to this end, Ultrafine mill through the exhaust valve set in the fan outlet, the excess gas into the bag filter, and purified after the discharge, the system in the regulation of airflow balance While achieving environmentally friendly production.

SBM Ultrafine mill

On the roller, grinding ring and other wearing parts of the processing, SBM using high-quality materials and design principles. In the work of ultra-fine grinding roller and disc do not touch, wear less, long service life. Roller can be turned out to the case outside the maintenance, replacement roller sleeve, liner convenient and reduce downtime losses. Roller lubrication uses a separate lubrication station, and a single roller circuit with dual pump - pump at the same time the mode of operation, even if the roller bearing lubrication and cooling to achieve adequate, but also to prevent excessive wear roller bearing room leak.

Such materials processing equipment, what are you waiting for? The value of Ultrafine mill is more than just the above. When you choose the right equipment for you, SBM tailor-made for your high-quality production programs, ultra-fine grinding will shine.