Sand making machine used in granite production line

The main component of granite is feldspar and quartz, with high hardness, abrasion resistance and other characteristics. The granite is difficult to be corroded by the action of acid and alkali and weathering. So it is the high quality building stone. However, in order to obtain the high quality granite aggregate, the manufacturers must have a good granite crusher.

For example, an owner wants to mine a granite mine, he produces three kinds of granite aggregate: 20-40mm, 10-20mm, 5-10mm. But he don't know how to process the granite aggregate? What is the future? Or which granite crusher he should choose producing granite aggregate 300-500t/h ?

In fact, compared with stone and limestone and other soft and medium hard below, to granite crushing equipment are not many, there is a common jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher is also available to the shaping of the stone, but in practice many users production effect, the use of these devices in granite crushing effect is not ideal.

On the one hand, for the owners, the selection scheme of jaw crusher + cone crusher + impact is too cumbersome, and rolling mortar wall, jaw plate and other consumable consumption is very large, it will affect the long-term operation income. On the other hand, the cone crusher price is not cheap, and power consumption and other operation cost is very high, three stage crushing is not the best of granite fracture scheme.

Shanghai SBM broke the traditional selection scheme which is known as the China aggregate equipment field vanguard, and launched the first granite crushing scheme: "jaw crusher + German sand making machine", then caused a big stir: "hitting cone crusher and throwing into the furnace" in the industry.

Originally, although the head section crushing jaw crusher is used, the German system sand machine but can be used as a cone crusher + impact crusher to use, not only can achieve the finished aggregate size needs, but also greatly reduces the cost of production -- decreased a broken link, reduced the frequency of replacement of wearing parts and the number of times, the generated during the operation of the motor power consumption reduction.

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