Stockpiling of Tailings Does Harm to the Social Development

In recent years, the tailing stockpiling in the portable crusher industry has been a serious issue and it has caused a large number of problems that are harmful to the social development. Lets see what damage the stockpiling tailings will cause to the environment.

The increasing tailings at high speed from the mining industry will occupy a large area of lands which include a certain number of agricultural land and forestry land.

To pile up a lot of tailings will result in the waste of mineral resources. In China, most minerals are in the low grade and the scattering particle size of the mineral is quite small. In the past, the domestic mining machines especially the ore beneficiation equipment had lower recovery rate than the foreign ones. So, the resource wasting problem appears often.

The piling tailings are also a threat to the ecological environment. For example, the metal minerals with fine granule are easy to be raised after they are dried, so once there is a strong wind blowing, its quite possible for these metal powders to form a sand storm, thus portable crusher air pollution. Moreover, mineral tailings consisting of heavy metal, chloride, cyanide and sulfide will also do harm to the earth and the surroundings and affect the normal growth of the crops, animals and even human beings.

The storage bin for the piling tailings is a dangerous place with a potential risk. After the minerals are washed in the ore beneficiation process, the light and fine granules are easy to flow and collapse which will lead to landslide and debris flow disasters.

Structural Adjustment of the Mining Machinery Industry

The mining machinery manufacturing industry is regarded as the foundation of the national independent industrial system and also the most important symbol to weigh a nations industrial power.

Most domestic portable crusher manufacturers are aware that the past extensive form developing mode featuring high consumption, much pollution and low efficiency is no longer fitting the modern social economic growing pace.

Only by adjusting the industry in time and in a proper way can the Chinese industry develop smoothly and rapidly. So how can we adjust the structure of the portable crusher machinery industry? There are six practicable measures for us to take.

1.Try to improve the whole portable crusher system in order to realize the automation and intelligence of the production line.

2.Improve the product quality by adopting the high and new technology.

3.Try to break the limit of traditional technology and pattern.

4.Make research and development on the core equipment, components and techniques to strengthen the competitiveness.

5.Put the low carbon development concept into consideration and take measures to make portable crusher products with the functions of saving energy, water and materials.

6.Supply support to the development of the new energy, new materials, new technology and environment protection

7.Abandon the lagging products featuring high consumption and much pollution

8.Establish the resource-saving and environmental friendly industrial development mode.

Changes will bring us countless opportunities. What we need to do is to be well prepared to make the best adjustment of the changing structure of the modern mining machinery industry.

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