Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is generally used for crushing all kinds of ores or rocks, especially for large mines, it will be the first choice for large jaw crusher. Since the jaw crusher has a simple structure, reliable work, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance, etc., it is widely used. In the development of the domestic manufacture of large portable crusher manufacturers are few, recognized in the industry is more than difficult to do, so many manufacturers wanted to do but did not dare to get involved. I developed HX256 large jaw crusher, was also the largest jaw crusher. After development, and manufacturing, application verification, to achieve energy saving purposes, significantly reducing user costs, but also for the development of the next larger type jaw crusher foundation.

1 Technical Features

HX256 large jaw crusher, the company is introducing French Art Rick crusher technology, based on the combination of advanced technology development HX256 large jaw crusher, the main technical characteristics: ① motion characteristics superior vena type a unique moment of inertia, than similar models handling capacity of more than 15%, saving more than 10% of energy consumption; ② unique crushing chamber, universal move, fixed jaw plate, using interchangeably turn around four times, reaching jaw broken plate surface uneven wear, improve material utilization, prolong life, but also reduce the user cost of spare parts inventory and make installation easier; structural design ③ transmission angle adjustable, according to the different materials, adjust the angle of the drive to achieve the best trajectory, to maximize the processing capability; ④ discharge opening dual jack hydraulic adjustment mode, adjust faster and more effort; ⑤ with regular quantitative greasing bearings lubrication system ensures optimal bearing lubrication state; ⑥ with bearing temperature measurement and control system, if the maximum working temperature exceeds the set alarm will achieve the set temperature limit will force the shutdown, timely troubleshooting, to avoid damage to the equipment; ⑦ movable jaw and the frame portion is detachable structure, easy to transport and on-site installation and removal.

For a more economical bulk materials handling over to meet the requirements of the subsequent crushing system, through many discussions and study after 2011, I ordered a user from a set of 1000t / h of crushing and processing system, the main equipment for the vibration to ZSW2160 feeder and HX256 jaw crusher, the process arrangement shown in Figure 5: raw materials directly from the dump truck that unloaded into silos by silo bottom is provided with a ZSW2160 vibrating feeder, jaw crusher feed into the machine HX256 broken, the discharge opening width of 260mm, the particle size is less than 400mm, output of 1000 t / h, not only easily meet the requirements of the follow-up process, reducing the number of operations, reduce labor intensity, saving energy, but also greatly improved the production efficiency and reduce operating costs coarse crushed ore (class output reached more than 7,000 tons, more than the original increase of 13.6 times; production costs only 1.79 yuan / ton, reduced by 73%), users are very satisfied.