Comprehensive Introduction to Toothed Plate of Jaw Crusher

Toothed plate of jaw crusher is called jaw plate for short and it is a spare part that directly contacts ors. Much as its structure is simple, it has an effect on the productivity, specific energy consumption, granularity composition, particle shape and crushing force of jaw crushing machine. Here the experts of SBM Machinery will give a comprehensive introduction to toothed plate of jaw crushing plant.

1. The shape of toothed plate

The structural shape of the transverse section of the toothed plate has two types: smooth surface and lattice surface which can be divided into triangle surface and trapezoid surface. To ensure product granularity and shape, triangle surface and trapezoid surface are usually used.

2. The material of toothed plate

The toothed plate used by existing PEW Jaw Crusher is made of manganese 13ZGMn13. Under impact load, it has surface hardening property to form hard and wear-resisting surface, and at the same time, it can maintain the original tenacity of the internal metal, so that it is a wear-resisting material with the widest application in crushing machines.

3. The modification scheme of toothed plate

The main working part of a crusher machine is fixed toothed plate and movable toothed plate which is fixed onto the movable jaw. The main abrasion part of movable toothed plate is the central part. In this modification, we mainly reform the fixed toothed plate. From Henan SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., we learn that the fixed toothed plate is connected with the frame, and the increase of the weight of fixed plate has no negative influence on the working of the whole crusher equipment.

4. The service life of toothed plate

Toothed plate sustains huge impact and squeezing force, so that the abrasion is very serious. To extend its service life, we can do some research from two aspects: seek for highly wear-resisting materials and reasonably determine the structural design and geometrical dimensioning of toothed plate.