Our mobile crushing and screening market problems which

With the construction of advancing national infrastructure, the reform of the villages, as well as railways, highways, etc., mobile crushing stood process of national infrastructure plays an increasingly important role, not only can directly into the job site for material broken, but also directly to the construction waste crushed into gravel aggregate, live digestion, recycling, not only save resources, but also has environmental effects. In the mobile crushing and screening equipment market is so hot momentum, if everything is like on the display surface so smooth? In fact, since the beginning of just five years, however, the industry emerges from the system is not the first mobile crushing station improved technology is still not mature, the market there are still some problems that are hindering the process of internationalization of mobile crushing and screening equipment industry in China.

First, the current in a series of policies to encourage and support China's, the transformation and upgrading of Mobile Cone Crusher and screening equipment industry to speed up the pace to meet the basic needs of the domestic market. However, the Chinese mobile crushing and screening equipment business to SMEs are mostly mutually occupy the site, capture the interests of increasingly fierce, there are few well-known brand, not only disturbed the laws of social equity market, but also hindered the mobile crushing and screening equipment industry trend the international market.

Second, the domestic market more yield crusher equipment, miscellaneous kind, quality varied, technical content reach the international advanced level, also restricting the future development of the crusher industry.

Third, as the coal and steel industries to accelerate the pace of restructuring, will widen the space for the future development of crushing machine industry. Product quality and safety and product competition between brands, will also become an obstacle to the industry's physical bottlenecks. Thus, to a high-tech, high-quality, high-performance, high life expectancy and other direction, and constantly improve the level and quality of crushing and screening equipment to create outstanding international brands, in order to meet the huge market demand, promote better crushing and screening industry development of.

Fourth, the current majority of our aggregates production plant can not provide high-quality sand and gravel materials, finished products, resulting in superior performance in spite of mixing equipment, but quality stirred out of the concrete is still not good enough. More importantly, the quality of sand and gravel aggregate has become in the country to promote higher yield continuous asphalt mixing plant bottlenecks, the main reason is the low quality of aggregate. The introduction of the world's most advanced mobile crushing and screening equipment and technology is fundamental to solve the problem from the source. Therefore, the future Chinese market also needs more advanced crushing and screening equipment, domestic enterprises should further increase investment in research and development of technology and equipment application technology.

Although our mobile crushing and screening equipment market, there are still some problems that hinder the development of the industry will be more or less, but at present China's mobile crushing and screening market still has much room for development, machinery and many other companies also said it will continue its efforts to strengthening our scientific research and technological innovation, the development of mobile crushing and screening market better.