Analysis of the future direction of China's iron ore industry, technology and equipment

Characteristics of iron ore and oxygen compounds depends on the type of impurity elements such as gangue, other non-metallic and non-ferrous metal oxides. The most easy to find and the most common type of iron ore magnetite and hematite, other naturally occurring ore types include limonite, mirror, siderite and the like. Different types of iron ore mining and the need to adopt a different way of dressing.

(1) Industry Mining Technology

1) open-pit mining

The current iron ore opencast mining technology is quite mature, the future direction will be large-scale production equipment, continuous operation, operation automation, process optimization and management modernization (computers and satellite positioning technology for process design and mining management).

2) underground mining

Mainly iron ore underground mining stope method, caving and filling method. Empty field method is generally applicable to solid rock mining open ore body; caving generally applicable to surface mining permit the fall; filling method is generally applicable to surface mining is not allowed fall. This method can be turned into three categories according to the actual conditions of the ore body for a variety of possible technical solutions, such as the issuer in the Inner Mongolia region using non-pillar sublevel caving.

Currently underground mining method has been more mature, due to the continuous improvement of mining depth, in order to prevent the fall of the surface, filling mining method will be the main development direction of future underground mining.

(2) industry beneficiation technology

The current iron ore beneficiation technology mainly uses Talcum powder processing plant, flotation and gravity separation and the like. Magnetic separation method is based on a magnetic ore due to the different magnetic field magnetic separator in this principle by different forces, the mineral sorting; flotation method is based on the difference between physical and chemical properties of mineral surfaces by flotation reagent processing so useful minerals are selectively attached to the bubble to reach the purpose of sorting; re-election process is based on differences in ore sorting relative density.

The future direction of iron ore beneficiation technology will be large-scale mineral processing equipment, energy-saving and automated processes. At present, the focus of research is targeted for Refractory iron ore beneficiation process research.

(3) the level of technical equipment

Domestic iron ore industry is already the world's more advanced technology and equipment level. The main equipment for open pit mining and large and medium-sized hydraulic excavators, heavy-duty truck; the main equipment for underground mining excavation vehicles, various types and sizes of drilling equipment and trackless scraper (for the mine), and skip inclined shaft using belts and complete lifting of ore; the main equipment for the beneficiation crusher, grading machine and magnetic separator machine.