Crusher Conveyor Belt Cost in India Mining Equipment

Crusher Conveyor Belt Cost in India Mining Equipment

SBM's crusher conveyor belt belongs to the high quality and low cost mining equipment in India. The crusher conveyor belt researched by SBM has been widely used in the mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries to convey loosed materials or unit subjects in India. According to the need of transmission craft, it can convey materials singularly, as well as combined with other conveying equipments to form a horizontal or slant conveying system.

Crusher conveyor belt India:

Our crusher conveyor belt is also called belt conveyor, which is common conveying equipment. The machine is mainly used for granular and small materials. In India's coal industry, it is used for outputting finished coal and passing semi-finished products to crushing equipment, which can achieve automated mining, entrucking, and transportation.


The VSI Sand Making Machine conveyor belt in SBM can transport all kinds of materials efficiently and economically. During the mining production in India, the belt conveyor can act as a link among the machines, realize the continuity and automation of the annual ring and increase the productivity rate as well as reduce the labor intensity. The belt moves according to the principles of friction drive, which has the advantages of large transport capacity, simple structure, easy repair and normal components. Furthermore, since the belt and the materials have little relative motion, the noise as well as the energy consumption becomes very low. In addition, since the structure is simple, it is easy to repair.

Operation notice:

  • The fixed crusher conveyor belt in India mining equipment should be installed on the fixed base according to the regulating installing method. The movable conveyor should be fixed by the cleat or the brake before working so as not to move while working. When there are more than one belt conveyors working at the same time,some distance must be increased between the machines or between the machines and the walls.
  • Check up the running parts, belt clasp and the loading devices before using. The tension of the belt should be adjusted to the suitable level before setting up.
  • The belt conveyor should be set up without loading. Forbid material feeding before running.
  • Forbid to pull the belt when the belt is slipping, so as not to cause an accident.
  • The engine must have an absolute insulation and be connected to the ground.