Southwest gravel aggregate market demand, a sand difficult to find

Southwest gravel aggregate market demand, a sand difficult to find

With the vigorous development of China's 13th Five-Year Plan, the provinces in southwest China have continuously increased their investment in infrastructure construction and indirectly promoted the rapid development of gravel aggregate industry in southwest China. Southwest region has a wealth of limestone resources, high-quality aggregate is to promote the southwest region of railways, highways, buildings, livelihood projects such as the development of infrastructure protection.

Sichuan Province

Recently, the "Sichuan Province" thirteen five "integrated transport development plan" release: "13th Five-Year" period, Sichuan Province, integrated transportation and construction plans to complete the investment 1.03 trillion yuan, traffic precision poverty alleviation investment 245 billion yuan, accounting for The province's highway waterway transportation "thirteen five" plan half of the total investment.

"13th Five-Year" period, Sichuan will further improve the infrastructure network, focusing on promoting high-speed railway construction, speed up the trunk line of Sichuan channel construction. Railway mileage of 6,000 km, the design speed of 200 km and above the railway mileage of 2100 km. In the rural areas, in the province's five-year plan to implement the 97,000 km rural roads, poverty-bearing areas accounted for about half to 4.8 million kilometers, planning to complete investment 46.2 billion yuan.

Yunnan Province

In order to speed up the interconnection infrastructure construction, Yunnan Province is building a network of five major infrastructure networks, such as road network, aviation network, energy security network, water network and Internet. Total investment in fixed assets target of 1.8 trillion yuan. At present, the province's total highway mileage of 23.8 million km, of which 4134 km highway mileage, Sino-Vietnamese channel within the Sino-Myanmar channel has been achieved throughout the high-speed, the old channel within the highway built during the year; railway operating mileage of 3650 km The railway line east of the territory of the whole line was opened to traffic, the Pan-Asian railway line, the western section of the territory is stepping up construction; water transport mileage of 4294 kilometers, the Lancang River - Mekong River Channel two remediation, the Sino-Vietnamese Red River water transport, Advance.

Yunnan feeder airport will reach 15, under construction and preparation of the construction of five, to the "thirteen five" at the end can reach 20. In order to better participate in "along the way" and the Yangtze River economic zone construction, Yunnan is preparing to plan and build 50 general airport, the location advantage into a greater development advantages.

Yunnan will be "edge" as the basis, continue to practice the "pro-Hui Rong" peripheral diplomatic ideas, to create a civilized cultural and cultural exchanges between the platform; to "smooth" as the premise, by 2020 built a smooth, Based on the "harmony" as the basis, the establishment of horizontal to the edge, vertical in the end of the grid mechanism, in-depth promotion of cross-border national harmony and coexistence; to "cooperation" as the key, focus on key areas, and actively promote International production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, give full play to the functional role of open platform to promote the formation of a wide area coverage, multi-level participation, all-round advance of the new mechanism for foreign exchange.