High-strength ultra-fine milling machine use special attention

High-strength ultra-fine milling machine use special attention

Users of high-strength ultrafine milling machine to use, looking forward to his very good performance, but, do not know, the production of the machine and the user's operation has a great relationship. Because in the production, the use of the mill effect not only and its performance has a great relationship, which with the use of the specific operation in the process also has a great relationship. In use, the user according to its performance, to develop specific requirements.

In the production, the user wants the mill to be more efficient. In fact, its grinding efficiency is not only related to roller pressure, but also with the height of the material layer. In order to ensure the mechanical efficiency, it is necessary to keep the contact surface between the roller and the disc with a large enough contact with the material, and to keep the height of the material layer, so that the material to bear the same roller pressure.

In the high-strength milling machine work process, because the grinding pressure and material moisture, abrasion, wind speed and machine model specifications and other factors are very related, so the user in the operation, according to the actual situation to develop The use of requirements, when the material is easy to wear and water is small, and the production requirements are low, the roller pressure can be appropriate smaller, to achieve the role of regulation of the ultrafine mill.

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It is important to note that during the course of the work, the material layer on the disc must have sufficient stability, so keep the height of the stack. At the time of grinding, the bulk material is first pressed by the rollers, and the roll pressure is concentrated on the bulk particles. When the roll pressure increases or exceeds the compressive strength of the material, the material is crushed, but it is easy Unstable, then the user will have to pay attention.

Then, for the formation of a stable material layer more difficult material, the user must take measures to control. When the machine feeds dry material or fine powder more material, because the material in the disc easy to flow, will cause material layer instability phenomenon. Therefore, when users want to take the water humidification method to stabilize the material layer, in a certain extent, can also automatically adjust the roller pressure to adapt to the instability of the material layer changes, to maintain the stability of the machine work.