Construction waste treatment equipment structure

Construction waste treatment equipment structure

Mention the construction waste disposal equipment presumably we are no stranger to the equipment with high crushing efficiency and safe and reliable performance in the market to occupy a favorable position to become well known on the market efficient gravel equipment, we World State Industrial Technology Group The use of relatively new design concepts and more advanced technology processing of this equipment, the purpose is to equipment performance and quality to achieve a relatively high standard for users to create higher efficiency, then the World State Industrial Technology Group technical staff will take you to understand My company this building waste disposal equipment.

Structure and composition

Our construction waste treatment equipment compared to the market with the industry Construction Waste Crusher equipment, the structure is relatively simple, and in order to reduce the area occupied by the vertical, the weight is also very light, mainly by the rack, drive shaft, Eccentric sets, spherical bearings, broken cones, adjustment devices, adjustment sets, springs and the lower mouth and other components, whether it is installed, operation or maintenance are very convenient.

Performance advantage

  • 1, the combination of high speed and stroke, so that the equipment of the rated power and through a substantial increase in capacity, so that the equipment crushing ratio and production efficiency has improved;
  • 2, wear parts wear resistance, and advanced crushing principles and technical parameters to make their equipment at work when the probability of failure is very low, construction waste disposal equipment is also safe and reliable operation, reduce operating costs;
  • 3, the principle of intergranular laminated crushing instead of the traditional single particle crushing principle, to achieve the selective fragmentation of the material to improve the finished product cube content, to a certain extent, reduced the needle sheet material;
  • 4, overload protection device to make its equipment in the operation of the failure to timely solution, will not cause any damage to the equipment, automatic nesting to reduce the trouble of artificial discharge;
  • 5, all parts can be from the top or side of the disassembly and maintenance, so that the equipment in the daily parts replacement time more convenient and quick, shorten the downtime;
  • 6, high production capacity and better finished grain shape, so that its equipment easier to control, has a greater reliability and flexibility.

How much is the price?

Construction waste disposal equipment prices are users are very concerned about the issue, and our state-owned industrial technology group construction waste disposal equipment is not only good quality, excellent performance, the price is more affordable, reduce the user's investment costs, the reasons for the benefits of the following :

1, direct sales of construction waste disposal equipment manufacturers, equipment production and sales can be completed independently, and the cost of selling equipment is also very low, the price is also lower than the same industry equipment prices 5 million;

2, advanced production technology to make their equipment in the production of waste when the resources, the overall construction waste disposal equipment production costs are low, so the equipment market price is naturally much lower;

3, in order to users of the overall profit of the processing plant to achieve a relatively high, I use the company are selling small and more sales policy to sell equipment, construction waste disposal equipment, the same as the ex-factory price and reduce investment costs.