Working of jaw crusher
  • Name :Mobile Sand Drying Equipment
  • Features:Simple structure, easy maintenance
  • Application:Jaw crusher is widely used in various
  • Contiguous item:Feeder Screen Washer

The mobile sand dry magnetic separator equipment is mainly applied for the coarse granule magnetic mineral like beach placer and river sand. It also could be utilised within the main separation from the magnetic mineral. The grade of the coarse ore may be up 60% in the dry magnetic separation process.

Dry magnetic separation approach:

In the mobile sand drying magnetic separation equipment working process, the roll of dry magnetic separation for the therapy from the components has constantly been confined to comparatively specialist grades made in small quantities. The component played by dry magnetic separation for the therapy of supplies, has usually been confined to reasonably specialist grades developed in little quantities.

Production of such supplies is normally for a bagged material, as well as a reduced iron specification is usually connected with such a item. Hence this premium variety of material can command a larger selling price and therefore stand more course of action expenses.

Early mobile sand drying magnetic separators employed within the mining business have been the Induced Roll Magnetic separator or IMR. The IMR program is an electromagnetic program relying around the induction of a high intensity field into a laminated roll. The separating roll is comprised of alternate discs of mild steel as well as a non-magnetic metal. The roll is situated between the two poles from the electromagnetic circuit and higher intensity and higher gradient fields are induced into the steel discs. The intensity in the induced field is controlled by the force generated by the electromagnet and also the air gap amongst the pole and the roll. Consequently the smaller the air gap among the roll along with the pole, the smaller the space obtainable for the feed to pass, the smaller sized the acceptable granularity along with the decrease the capacity.


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