Second Hand Crushers for Sale in Hyderabad
  • Name :Second Hand Crushers for Sale in Hyderabad
  • Features:Simple structure, easy maintenance
  • Application:Jaw crusher is widely used in various
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Second Hand Crushers for Sale in Hyderabad

As a professional and globe well-known crusher manufacturer, SBM not just offers you the new stone crusher but also offers the second hand stone crusher for sale in Hyderabad. Stone crushing industry is definitely an vital industrial sector inside the nation engaged in producing crushed stone of various sizes depending upon the requirement which acts as raw material for a variety of construction activities including building of roads, highways, bridges, buildings, canals and so forth.

General introduction:

To crush the big block stones, SBM's stone crusher is the best choice. For higher productivity, low operating and put on costs, long service life, and high solution yield with desired fines, there is no improved decision than SBM's stone crusher. And SBM leads this industry with its high functionality crushers for the aggregate and mining markets. There are actually a growing number of individuals intending to pick the second hand stone crusher as an alternative to the new stone crusher. Why choose the second hand stone crusher for sale in Hyderabad? It truly is due to the fact that the low price tag and superior operating situation. And it will lower the production charges. To satisfy customers' needs, SBM not only provides customers new stone crusher but additionally gives the second hand stone crusher.

Second hand stone crusher variety:

Jaw crusher: As outlined by the feed's position inside the jaw crusher, you can find double toggle crusher, single toggle jaw crusher and influence jaw crusher.

Cone crusher: Cone crusher produces larger reduction ratios of up to 18. A uniform item size and great shape is ensured as a result of the long parallel gap ahead of aperture. The stroke is huge and also the speed of rotation is 200~300 rpm, which guarantees a cubical shape towards the product. The shallow cone crushers are mostly used for the fine crushing of difficult and moderately difficult supplies.

Impact crusher: The impact crusher uses the energy contained in falling stone, plus the power imparted by the massive impellers. Rock fed in to the breaker falls directly on to the impellers and rotate away from one another, turning up and outward, at speeds from 250 to 1000 rpm based on the desired size of completed item.


Being a popular and skilled stone crusher manufacturer, SBM will offer you the new and second hand stone crusher for sale in Hyderabad. Depending on more than 20 years' knowledge and higher technologies, a series of top quality machines happen to be produced. The equipment pointed out above are parts of our goods.