Air Classifier For Mineral
  • Name :Air Classifier For Mineral
  • Features:Simple structure, easy maintenance
  • Application:Jaw crusher is widely used in various
  • Contiguous item:Feeder Screen Washer

Air Classifier gives operators the ability to add significant value to the normally low value crushed rock fines by removing ultrafines to produce specification manufactured sand. This technology gives quarries the ability to produce dry engineered sand to a quality level that can meet the exacting requirements for both concrete and asphalt sands.

Dry mineral filler is produced as a by-product of the classification of engineered sands. This is the fine material that has been removed to achieve the sand specification and is collected from the dust collector. When this product meets local specifications, it is sold as an additive for bituminous paving mixtures, agricultural lime and other manufacturing processes.

Air classifier for mineral contains no moving wear parts. Unlike competitor air classifiers, the only purpose of the wear liners is to protect the classifier body so no adjustment for wear is required as all the work is done by the air. Other classifiers require their customers to make frequent adjustments when classifying abrasive material to try and maintain product specifications. The intelligent static design of the Air classifier translates to low total power draw, minimal maintenance and low operating costs.

Air classifier can be applied to processing of various materials having different physical properties. It can be successfully applied to the production of:

Air Classifier For Mineral working principle

The grinded pulp is fed into tank from the inlet in the middle of settlement region, and the slurry classification sedimentation area is under the inclined tank. The spiral with low speed rotation stirs the slurry, so that the fine particles rise, and the coarse particles sinks to the bottom of tank. Overflow weir is above the bearing center which is under screw shaft, and is underneath overflow end.

Features Of Air Classifier For Mineral

  • mineral concentrates
  • abrasive materials
  • fillers for paper, rubber, paint and plastic
  • raw materials for microelectronics
  • raw materials for fibre optics
  • advanced composite materials
  • construction and building materials
  • chemical industry materials