Hydraulic brick making line
  • Name :Hydraulic brick making line
  • Features:Simple structure, easy maintenance
  • Application:Jaw crusher is widely used in various
  • Contiguous item:Feeder Screen Washer

Hydraulic brick making line

A two way pressure hydraulic brick machine ,all the world's top hydraulic components,and Japanese oil grinds and Germany rexroth pump design of components continuous work normally, equipped with different mold to produce standard bricks, porous bricks etc.Roots can realize full-automatic work with. Is the production of fly ash autoclave brick,suggested brick of cement products bricks and the ideal equipment.

Brief introducation

Twoway pressure hydraulic press brick making machine adopts hydraulic transmission technology, high pressure in order to ensure that the produced brick bending,compression performance. Adopts fourcolumn guide at the same time,accurate positioning and won't be crush moldphenomenon;By changing different molds, canproduce standard bricks, porous bricks, blind holebrick, etc. This brick can be installed manipulator which can achieve automatic work, is theideal equipment to produce steam-cured fly ash bricks, steam-cured sand-lime bricks, steam-cured tailings bricks.

The features about twoway pressure hydraulic press brick making machine

  • 1, using a fourcolumn guide, positioning accurate, does not produce noise, but also to ensure the life of the mold.
  • 2,Using automatic PLC programmable controller control, high degree of automation, large-scale production line requires only 34 individuals can complete the production. This brick can be installed manipulator,improve the production efficiency, guarantee the appearance quality of brick.
  • 3,The hydraulic system adopts German advanced technology, stable performance and the speed can reach every 15 seconds at a time.Hydraulic components are imported from Germany,thequality is guaranteed.
  • 4,Using multiplesuppression exhaust during production process, enhances the strength and compressive strength of brick.
  • 5,Working pressure can be adjusted at any time according to the production materials, so that the finished product is optimal.
  • 6,Adopt Unique pressing process, to ensure the consistent density.
  • 7,By changing different molds can produce standard, blind hole brick and porous brick, etc., to achieve a muti-purpose machine.
  • 8,Compared to the other brick machine,its noise is much smaller, so called static pressure machine.
  • 9,Operation and maintenance is more convenient, more human.