Raymond Mill uses common problems-2
  • Name :Raymond Mill uses common problems-2
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Raymond Mill uses common problems-2

First, the mill back to the wind with the material should be how to deal with

Raymond mill grinding machine used in the design of the circulating wind, and sometimes there will be a return to the material with the phenomenon, how to deal with it?

There are two reasons for the return of the material:

The first set of powder material too much, too much material on the outlet configuration of the material inside the stacker too much, return the material to take the material into the work chamber to re-grinding, so that will seriously affect the production of Raymond Mill.

The second discharge port position of the pressure valve, can not lift up only down pressure, up to lift the outlet of the return air put the material inside the collector to take into the work chamber inside. Raymond mill mill is used to roll roller rolling, through the analysis machine and the damper air volume control under the joint control of fineness and production. Large air volume, fineness, high yield; small air volume, fine fineness, low yield. Analysis machine high speed, high fineness, low yield; analysis machine low speed, fineness rough, high yield. Consult a professional manufacturer on the problems encountered during the daily operation of Raymond Mill.

Second, Raymond torture phenomenon is caused by what causes

Raymond tortured the phenomenon of many cases are caused by the blockage, the mill can not function properly. The blockage will burn the motor seriously, so that the production has a great impact. In order to avoid the phenomenon of death caused by Raymond grinding the usual operation of the process must pay attention to the following questions:

  • 1, the normal work of the mill can not suddenly feed too much sudden too little material, even to the mill is always grinding, there are non-stop materials to go out;
  • 2, the mill installation circuit must match the cabinet to ensure that the circuit is normal;
  • 3, the discharge port position of the pressure valve can not lift up, lift up a return air will take the material inside the container into the working chamber inside, this is also likely to cause the mill blockage, no reason for the material.
Raymond Mill uses common problems-2

Raymond grinding the normal operation of the time, the feed port to the inside of the suction, non-stop into the material kept out of the material. Raymond mill by hanging roller roller pressure to achieve the smashing effect, a cutting into a powder, fineness of 80-400 mesh between the arbitrary regulation. Raymond Mill pipeline link seal requirements are very strict, can not have leaky place, sealed environment-friendly milling equipment.

Three, Raymond did not yield no matter how the output

Raymond mill by hanging roller roller pressure selection principle of crushing materials, fineness through the analysis machine speed and air volume size adjustment. Raymond grinding in the normal production, suddenly not expected how should we do? The following Xiaobian Raymond Mill production is not expected, a detailed analysis. Raymond mill is used in the design of the circulating wind, not DC wind. So the analyzer to the collector of the pipeline, the collector to the fan pipe connection flange must be sealed very strict, can not have leaky place. Collector outlet position of the next pressure valve weight must be reasonable, you can even the material. If it is manual control, then the boot must be pressed down about 5 minutes, collecting powder inside the material when the slowly lifted up. Dust bag in Raymond grinding work must be blown bulging, the bag must be kept breathable, if the airtight Raymond Mill will be angry. Raymond Mill suddenly out of the material, the first is the collector down the valve up the lift, up a lift will be 5 minutes without material. There is a sudden rupture of the thunderbolt, suddenly closed.