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Project Background

Mobile construction waste crusher is the use of impact on the material crushing equipment. It is in addition to the hammer to fight through the plate to break the material, the more important is the use of plate hammer material will be thrown into the imp

Brief Introduction of Mobile Building Crusher

Mobile construction waste crusher is the use of impact on the material crushing equipment. It is in addition to the hammer to fight through the plate to break the material, the more important is the use of plate hammer material will be thrown into the impact board, or the material collide in space, so that the material broken. Therefore, this crusher fully utilizes kinetic energy. It has the advantages of simple structure, high crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and uniform product size. In coal mines and coal preparation plants, this crusher is also widely used, mainly for coal, coal and gangue broken. In the original mobile construction waste crusher on the basis of the addition of coal with PF series of mobile construction waste crusher. Among them, PFJ type for coking plants, PFD type for power plants.

Working Principle and Structure of mobile construction waste Crusher

1, the working principle of construction waste crusher

The motor drives the rotor through the V-belt to do high-speed rotary motion. The material from the inlet into the plate hammer rotation range, by the high-speed rotation of the plate hammer impact. After the material is broken, the tangential direction along the tangent of the plate hammer is thrown into the counterattack plate and is broken again by the impact. Then, the material from the counterattack plate rebound to the plate hammer rotation space, into the second counterattack plate impact area. The material is subjected to repeated hammering of the hammer and counterattack until the material continues to crack along its own joints and the internal tissue is broken and broken. Less than the crushing requirements of the material size, along the plate hammer and counterattack plate gap discharge crusher, a broken product. It should be noted that in the material from the repeated crushing process, there is the impact of broken material between the material.

construction waste crusher

2, structure of construction waste Crusher

Mobile construction waste crusher mainly by the body, rotor, counterattack plate and spring buffer device and other components.

Mobile construction waste crusher body on the next two parts. Under the body directly installed on the foundation, the body opened a small door for maintenance purposes. In the body wall may be in contact with the material, are set with high manganese steel wear liner. Rotor shaft at both ends of the support in the body on both sides of the self-aligning roller bearings. The rotor shaft passes through the inner wall on both sides of the body and is equipped with a sealing device to prevent coal dust. The crushing hammer is rigidly connected to the rotor. When you hit the material, you can take full advantage of the energy of the entire rotor.

Mobile construction waste crusher generally has two counterattack plates. One end of the counterattack plate is hung on the upper part of the body through the pin shaft, and the other end is connected with the special screw. In the screw with a compression spring, the counterattack plate control in a certain position, through the screw tail nut can adjust the gap between the rotor plate hammer and counterattack plate. When the crushing chamber into the non-crushing materials, the counterattack plate by a lot of pressure, so that the screw further compression spring, thereby increasing the gap between the counter plate and plate hammer, so that non-broken objects discharged. After the counterattack plate in the role of self-weight and spring force returned to the original position, continue to break the work.

In contrast to the hammer crusher, the hammer of the mobile building crusher is rigidly connected to the rotor, with a large crushing counterattack and no grate parts. As a result, the material is broken and the wear is lower than the hammer crusher. But the big drawback is that the hit plate and counterattack plate easy to wear, work noise.

Installation, use and maintenance of mobile construction waste crusher

  • (1) Before installation, it is necessary to carefully check the size of the bolt holes and the base bolts of the mobile construction waste crushing station. Whether the mobile construction crushing station and the motor center position and its height difference are consistent with the physical objects.
  • (2) installation, should be strictly looking for mobile construction waste crushing station level, the level of the rotor to allow the error should not exceed 0.05PP.
  • (3) According to the crushing particle size requirements, through the screw end of the screw to correctly adjust the counterplate and the outer edge of the gap.
  • (4) after the installation is correct, the test before the test. Open the inspection hole, check the counter board connection; check the counter board and the outer edge of the rotor gap is in line with the requirements; check the lubrication point of the oil and oil; body and anchor bolts have been tightened.
  • (5) Check that the direction of rotation of the motor is correct.
  • (6) After the above inspection, we believe that no problem can be carried out when the empty load test run. Empty, heavy load operation time of not less than 4h.
  • (7) Each class to the rotor at both ends of the rolling bearing into a small amount of calcium or molybdenum disulfide grease.
  • (8) bearing the high temperature shall not exceed 70 ℃. If more than 70 ℃, should immediately stop checking and handling.
  • (9) When the body appears abnormal sound and counterattack board beating, it is likely to break the room into the iron and other objects, should be timely parking, open the inspection hole check, remove the foreign body and then drive.
  • (10) regularly check the body wall and counterattack plate lining, such as serious wear and tear, should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the body and counterattack plate.
  • (11) regularly check the plate hammer wear situation. If necessary, you can continue to use the plate hammer teeth U-turn, to re-wear can not be used, can be changed.
  • (12) mobile construction waste crushing station in the use and maintenance process, pay special attention to the balance of the rotor. If you replace the plate hammer, will be on the rotor plate hammer at the same time exchange, the same weight or weight difference between the small plate hammer (0.5kg) symmetrically installed along the circumference, so as to avoid the imbalance of the rotor and produce serious vibration and bearing heat The If there is still emphasis, can be used on the rotor temporary welding balance block solution.

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