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Project Background

Diabase is also called bluestone, the mineral in Henan commonly known as the five dragon green, the mineral is mainly gabbro shallow diagenesis, the mineral color was mainly dark gray or grayish black.

Diabase mine Raymond Mill

Diabase is also called bluestone, the mineral in Henan commonly known as the five dragon green, the mineral is mainly gabbro shallow diagenesis, the mineral color was mainly dark gray or grayish black. The texture of the mineral is relatively uniform, after the deep processing of high quality after processing more objective use value, can be used for roads, railways, chemicals, industry, construction and other industries. Henan machine in order to improve the quality of diabase use, specifically the introduction of foreign advanced technology and also combined with the characteristics of the diabase itself designed and manufactured for a diabase grinding equipment - mine Mongolian milling machine, the following we come together to learn more about this Diabase Raymond mill.

Introduction to Raymond Mill used in diabase processing

Diabase Raymond Mill is a major equipment for the processing of diamonds, which has a very important value in the diabase process and is an indispensable device.

Diabase Raymond Mill structure: by the motor, triangular pulley, chassis, grinding ring, roller, short axis, hood, filter, pipe, air classifier blade, hairdryer, Plate, scraper, coupling, feed mouth, plum frame, spindle and other parts of the combination.

Working principle: diabase raymond mill work by the vibrating feeder evenly in the storage warehouse in the crushing capacity of qualified diabase evenly into the Raymond Mill main machine grinding chamber, Diabase in the grinding chamber by grinding roller and grinding ring grinding operation between the grinding into a powder, and then under the action of the fan under the powder of diabase through the analyzer into the separator for separation and collection, after collection Of the powder discharged by the unloader can be.

Performance of Raymond Mill used in diabase processing

1, the device design is more advanced and unique, the device is a three-dimensional structure, so that the device body is small, light weight, equipment footprint is relatively small, can better reduce the cost of infrastructure investment.

2, the device uses a more advanced insurance system, so that the better protection of the equipment can be safe and reliable operation.

3, the device transmission is the use of more advanced closed gear box and pulley, so that the device is not only more stable and reliable transmission, and no dust pollution, with good environmental performance.

4, the main components of the equipment are used in high wear resistance of high quality steel processing and manufacturing, equipment, wear resistance are high, the equipment durable, low failure rate, long service life of the device.

5, the device also uses a centralized control of the electrical system, so that the degree of automation equipment will be high, processing mill can achieve unattended operation, so that users save the cost of labor inputs, but also more convenient maintenance operations Unfolded.

6, the equipment of the package is relatively strong, and the material through the rate of 99.9%, the processing of finished fineness is more uniform, and the particle size is very good, high production efficiency, equipment production has also been improved.

The Factors Affecting Yield of

1, diabase size

The size of the diabase is one of the elements that affect the production of Raymond Mill, because the diamonds are larger in particle size, then the difficulty in the actual processing will increase, Will be longer, and sometimes will cause the equipment wear more serious, so that the production efficiency of the equipment will be reduced, the equipment production will certainly be reduced. On the other hand, if the particle size of the diabase is small, the operation flow of the apparatus is relatively smooth during the grinding operation, and the pass rate of the diabase is higher, the operation rate of the apparatus is also improved, and the equipment production efficiency is high , Its equipment production is also high.

2, diabase humidity level

The humidity of diabase is very important for Raymond Mill, because if the processing of polished diabase has a high humidity, then its viscosity is also higher, in the actual processing and grinding is easier to stick in the grinding Cavity, which will hinder the material through rate, serious cases will cause clogging phenomenon occurs, once there is a clogging phenomenon, it must be shut down to clean up, so that the normal operation of the equipment will be affected, the equipment running time, equipment The yield is certainly lower.

3, the performance of the equipment itself

Equipment, its own performance is good or bad, but the impact of equipment production of the main factors, because the equipment performance is good, the equipment is more stable and reliable operation, the higher the production capacity of equipment. Equipment in the production process of the failure rate is very low, the equipment running time and service life can be greatly increased, so that the output of the equipment will certainly be better improved.

The price of Raymond Mill used in diabase processing

The price of the diabase Raymond Mill Here we can not give you a detailed answer, because the price of the equipment is mainly to see your production needs to decide, the price of the equipment is mainly depends on the equipment model specifications and equipment Processing capacity and other factors determined. For the sake of simplicity, choose the same type of different specifications of the diabase Raymond Mill, then the equipment parameters, feed size, production size, with the power and production capacity is certainly different, then the price of equipment Will certainly be different; the same reason to choose the same specifications of the equipment, and the model is different, then the same, its production capacity and so will be different, so there will be some differences in prices.

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