LUM Vertical Roller Mill, Grinding Mill
  • Name :

    Vertical Roller Mill

  • Features:Energy saving, Small footprint, The system is stable...
  • Application:For cement, electricity, metallurgy, chemicals, minerals and other industries of the material milling.
    cement, coal, feldspar, calcite, talc, fluorite, iron ore, copper, phosphate rock, graphite, quartz, slag and so on.
  • Contiguous item:Raymond Mill, Ultrafine Mill, Ball Mill...
  • 1, it uses the principle of grinding abrasive layer, put an end to grinding. And the finished particle size is less than 2μm particle content of up to 70%, and 325 mesh low residue, but also suitable for secondary separation from the finer finished products to ensure the finished product of good quality.
  • 2, specially designed roller sleeve and liner grinding curve makes the mill can be a grinding to the required fineness, greatly improving the grinding efficiency, the production capacity of ordinary powder equipment 3-6 times.
  • 3, due to the use of ultra-fine grinding and long powder principle, it can save energy consumption of 30% to 50%.
  • 4, more use of PLC / DCS automatic control of the roller pressure control, grinding pressure to be precise control, saving labor costs.
  • 5, green mining equipment has become the direction of the development of the machinery industry, the state of the machine has also been the development of green products in the core areas, which mill equipment, the overall seal, the system under negative pressure, no dust spill, the environment Clean, will change the impression of dusty dust on the scene.





Wheel diameter(mm)




Capacity (t/h)




Fineness 400~650Mesh




Material Size(mm)


< 10






Main Motor Power(KW)








Classifier Motor Power

15 KWx5

15 KWx7

15 KWx7

Energy Saving Analysis of Cement Vertical roller mill and Discussion on Its Product Performance

Cement grinding process power consumption accounts for about one-third of the total power consumption of cement production process, therefore, reduce the cement grinding process power consumption has been an important issue for industry technical personnel research. At present, cement grinding is mainly composed of ball milling or roller press + ball mill composed of different grinding system. Vertical roller mill has been widely used in grinding cement raw materials and pulverized coal because of its simple and convenient, energy efficient, stable and reliable, low noise and other characteristics, but for the production of cement has not yet been widely promoted. The main reason is that we are worried about two issues, one is the mill for grinding cement is really receiving energy-saving effect, the second is the use of cement for the production of cement will change the performance of cement, so that its cement products can not meet the needs of the market

Cement mill in the grinding system technology advantages are as follows:

1, energy saving, than the current commonly used roller press + ball mill system to save power consumption 4kWh / t;

2, stand-alone capacity, small footprint;

3, the performance of cement products as much as roller press + ball mill system of cement production;

4, cement Vertical roller mill grinding process is simple, less mechanical and electrical equipment, the system is stable;

5, cement grinding mill system also raw materials, high water, poor wearability of raw materials more adaptable;

6, easy to replace the cement varieties, grinding out the cement finished product temperature is low.

How to mill the material in the cement vertical roller mill

Compared with the traditional concept of vertical roller mill equipment, cement mill grinding in the absorption of domestic and foreign advanced technology and ideas on the basis of a more environmentally friendly, low-energy advantages, in the market occupies a great advantage. So, how is the cement mill grinding the material?

First, before the material is fed into the cement mill before the mill, there will generally be a variety of crusher equipment, so that it is easy to crush the larger particle size to the required particle size, to prevent the material is too large in the feed device stage Blocking, thus affecting production.

Secondly, after the crushing of the material (most of the ore material), under the action of the hoist was sent to the storage hopper, through the electromagnetic vibration feeder evenly and continuously into the cement mill vertical roller mill grinding room. In the roller and grinding ring under the rolling force, the material after grinding by the fan air into the separator for grading.

Third, in the cement mill under the action of the internal electrometer impeller, to meet the production requirements of the powder with the air, through the pipeline into the cyclone collector, the further separation of the collection, and eventually discharged through the discharge device. And after grinding the fineness of the material, then return to the grinding room is re-grinding.

Fourth, because the material to be ground itself contains a certain amount of water, in the cement mill grinding process of its grinding process, it will inevitably produce a certain amount of heat. In this way, it will lead to the cement mill vertical roller mill gas evaporation expansion, and thus change the system air flow. Coupled with the inlet and the pipeline at all joints are sealed, the outside air will break the system will break the airflow balance.

Fifth, in order to prevent this from happening, we will set up a special exhaust pipe valve in the fan outlet so that excess gas can be discharged therefrom and introduced into the bag filter and discharged into the bag The In this way, to achieve the cement mill grinding mill operations, regulating the system airflow balance at the same time, but also effectively maintain the environment.

LM series vertical roller mill

Environmental protection vertical roller mill for the production of serious pollution caused by the phenomenon of a detailed study, and strive to achieve a small degree of pollution. The vertical roller mill manufacturers are also the production and analysis of the vertical roller mill, most of the vertical roller mill manufacturers follow the economic interests and environmental benefits of a combination of ways for the development of a suitable for everyone to use the vertical roller mill, experts repeated Experiment, to develop a different species. vertical roller mill of the promotion, is the trend of the trend. It through the precision design and the concept of human nature, so that vertical roller mill manufacturers gains. But also to more people aware of the scientific processing, the importance of environmental development.

LM series vertical roller mill grinding process is achieved by the motor drive mill and roller grinding of the material on the crushing, the motor through the reducer drive disc rotation, the material by the lock the wind feeder from the feed port in the center of the disc, while hot air from The air inlet enters the mill. When the disc is rotated, the material is crushed by the roller of the roller under the action of centrifugal force. The crushed material is brought by the high speed airflow at the edge of the grinding wheel, and the incomplete material is broken back to the grinding wheel for re-grinding. The coarse powder from the cone to the disc to re-grinding, qualified fine powder with the air together with the grinding, collected by dust collection device. The moisture-containing material is dried during the contact with the hot air, and the moisture content of the product can be met by adjusting the hot air temperature to meet the requirements of the different humidity materials. Product thickness adjustment can be done through the separator, fully meet the user's production standards for materials.

1, easy to operate, clean and environmentally friendly

LM series vertical roller mill installation automatic control system, can achieve remote control, easy to operate. Through the maintenance of the cylinder, flip arm, replace the roller sleeve, liner convenient, can reduce downtime. LM series vertical roller mill equipment as a whole sealed, the system under negative pressure, no dust spill, will not pollute the environment.

2, high performance, low noise

Hot air in the mill directly with the material contact, drying ability, energy conservation. By adjusting the hot air temperature, can meet the requirements of different humidity materials. Material in the mill to stay a short time, easy to detect and control product size and chemical composition, reduce the repeated milling, product quality is more stable. The roller sleeve and the disc liner are provided with means to prevent direct contact to avoid destructive shocks and severe vibrations. LM series vertical roller mill structure is reasonable, so the vibration is small, low noise.

3, covers an area of ​​small, wearable

LM series vertical roller mill set broken, dry, grinding, graded transport in one, compact layout, covers an area of ​​only 50% of the ball mill system. Roller grinding in the grinding disc directly on the grinding material, energy consumption than the ball mill system by 30% -40%. Roller and liner using high-quality materials, reduce wear and prolong the service life.

Combined with the new Taiwan roller technology and the German powder technology, the state machine (Shanghai World State Machine Co., Ltd.) in the ordinary vertical roller mill on the basis of relying on years of mill production experience, independent design and development of LUM series of ultra-fine vertical grinder. LUM Vertical Roller Mill appearance makes a one-time completion of ultra-fine grinding, grading and transportation into reality, has now become ultra-fine milling industry equipment, widely used in chemical, metallurgical, non-metallic minerals and other industries.

Working Principle:

LUM Vertical Roller Mill, Grinding Mill

The vertical drive motor of LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill through reducer rotating disc, solid material feeding device through air lock from the inlet into the disc center, the centrifugal force field and thrown to the surrounding disc by repeated vertical roller mill rolls and crushed. Crushed material from the edge of the disc of the overflow, which powdered material is rising from the bottom of the machine with a high-speed air from rising air and powder materials through the vertical roller mill when the upper part of the separator, in the role of a rapidly rotating rotor under , grits are separated again fall into the center of the grinding disc, powder into the air from the upper part of the grinding mill, in the collecting device is collected, namely products. No particulate material away by air, after the disc through the outer loop of the overflow bucket elevator to return the mill feed, and new materials to enter into the mill grinding together again. For materials containing high moisture in the ground through the hot, wet material in the process of grinding, separator and flows in full contact with the hot air is dry, to product moisture requirements.


Problems and solutions

How to solve the problem of high temperature of cement vertical roller mill

Cement ultra-fine grinding mill temperature is too high, including the fan motor fever and bearing temperature is too high and other different phenomena, the user in the face of Raymond Mill problems are too high, the first to clarify the reasons for the temperature rise, and then the right medicine The

1, check the extension pipe is smooth, oil viscosity and grades are in line with the requirements.

2, the cement ultra-fine grinding mill equipment into the powder bearing at the required timely refueling, regular cleaning, replace the oil seal.

3, grinding roller grinding ring bearings to regular refueling.

4, cement superfine grinding mill bearing room temperature can not exceed 70 ℃, if the bearing temperature is too high, to immediately remove the cleaning bearings and bearing rooms and other accessories to clean once.

5, the fan may be the factor is a high wind pressure caused, and sometimes we will unconsciously encountered in the production of fan equipment, so that the fan pressure changes lead to motor fever. This also reminds us in the production must not arbitrarily change the equipment.

6, there is the reason for the cement mill mill itself, such as quality, but off, of course, this requires manufacturers to buy eyes wide open carefully selected, and choose large brands, high-quality equipment, such as Shanghai Shi Bang cement ultra-fine Vertical mill, in the industry was well received.

Vertical roller mill to improve the production of milling equipment

Vertical roller mill Ore milling equipment in the milling, the production will be affected by many factors, including: finished grain size, material hardness, material humidity, material composition, material viscosity, equipment supporting initiatives Measures of work efficiency and so on.

The higher the fineness of the material after passing through the mill, the smaller the milling capacity of the mill. If the user has a higher demand for material fineness, then we can according to their own ability and economic strength to purchase other equipment. The harder the material then the mill will be more difficult to wear, the wear and tear on the equipment will be more serious. Vertical roller mill grinding speed is slow, so the Vertical roller mill powder grinding capacity is small. In other words, when the material contains relatively large amount of water, the material in the vertical mill machine will be prone to adhesion, but also very easy in the delivery of the material during the blockage. The same wind conditions in the case of qualified materials is not easy to be separated, resulting in milling machine milling capacity decline. That is, when the viscosity of the material is larger, the more prone to adhesion. The greater the viscosity of the mill produced the smaller, but also easily affect the service life of the mill, so be sure to follow the instructions in the use of milling machine to operate. Mill powder in the material before the powder containing more, vertical milling powder will be more affected, because these fine powder prone to adhesion and affect the delivery. For the fine powder content can be more than a sieve ahead of time, and for this situation, we recommend the user before the milling process with a sieve to the material for a screening.