Portable crusher plant
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    Portable crusher plant


  • Features:Mobile crusher and screening equipment products...
  • Application:The mobile crusher and screening equipment to work
  • Contiguous item:Jaw Crusher Machine, Hammer Crusher
  • 1. Portable crusher plant and screening equipment products are light weight, small size, especially for narrow space work;
  • 2. Transportation convenience, crawler, no damage pavement, with versatile attachments, adapt to a wide range of;
  • 3. Mechanical, electrical, fluid integration of a typical multi-purpose engineering machinery products. Crushing and screening equipment selection of the company's mature products, compact structure, stable performance; with 20 ° inclination, efficient and reliable screening, Overall dimensions have different sizes and models;
  • 4. Selection of imported servo control system pilot operating system, manipulation of light, accurate control can be achieved Promise walking speed. Machine with all-wheel drive, enabling pivot turn, the standard configuration, quick-change system, with improved security features, especially for narrow space, the complex area;
  • 5. Dynamic screening equipment using double screening machine main structure, and with a good mesh filter channel without support, can stand freely;
  • 6. Cummins diesel engine with excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable performance, providing a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly power source. Cryogenic engine warm start can be installed military equipment, the equipment in a low temperature environment of -25C ° to easily start;
  • 7. Mature technology running high torque motor, driving force, high reliability. Open hydraulic system running system with full-power variable, excellent performance, high reliability, to take full advantage of the engine's power, the main hydraulic components (pumps, valves, etc.) used in Japan imported components;
  • 8. Rigid chassis with crawler whole ship structure, high strength, grounding than down, through the good, to the mountains, wetlands have good adaptability to meet the mining, hydropower, coal and other engineering requirements broken;
  • 9. Set by the material, crushing, conveying and other process equipment as a whole, by optimizing the process of making it has excellent rock crushing, crushing aggregate production performance, open-pit mining, the different models can be combined to form a powerful crushing pipeline operations, more needs to complete the processing operations.


Crawler Type Mobile Cone Crusher/Screening plant:


Model Parameter YG935E69 YG1138E71L YG1138EW86L YG1138FW1315ⅡL
Feeder Model GZD960×3500 GZD1100×3800 GZD1100×3800 GZD1100×3800
Crusher Model PE600X900 PE750X1060 PEW860 PFW-1315II
Main belt Model B800X8.5M B1000X9M B1000X9M B1000X9M
Side of the belt conveyor Model B450X3M B500X3.5M B500X3.5M B500X3.5M
Power(kw) 180 250 200 300
TransportationDimension(mm) (L×W×H) 11900×3100×3650 11900×3100×3650 13300×3100×4500 13300×3100×4500
Jobs Dimension(mm) (L×W×H) 12100×3100×4100 12100×3100×4100 13500×3100×5100 13500×3100×4800


Crawler Type Mobile Cone Crusher/Screening plant:


Model Parameter YCS160L YHP220L 3YZS1548AL 3YZS1848AL 3YZS1860AL 3YZS1548BL 3YZS1848BL 3YZS1860BL
Equipment Model Cs160 HPC220 3YZS1548 3YZS1848 3YZS1860 3YZS1548 3YZS1848 3YZS1860
Belt feeder Model GLD-12×4/15 GLD-12×4/15            
Feeding conveyor     B1000×4M B1000×4M B1200×4.5M B1200×3M B1200×3M B1200×3M
Main belt Model B1000X9M B1000X9M B800X9M B1000×5M B1000×5M B1000×8M B1200×8M B1200×9M
Belt conveyor under the screen     B800×4.5M B1000×4.5M B1000×5.5M B1000×7M B1000×7M B1000×8M
The left discharging belt conveyor     B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M
The right discharging belt conveyor1     B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M
The right discharging belt conveyor2     B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M B500×7.3M
Power(kw) 270KW 330KW 120KW 120KW 120KW 120KW 120KW 120KW
TransportationDimension(mm) (L×W×H) 12000× 3240 ×3700 12500× 3240 ×3900 12500× 3240×3900 13500× 3300 ×3900 13500× 3300 ×3900 12500× 3240 ×3900 13500× 3300 ×3900 13500× 3300 ×3900
Received a high degree of material 2900 3100 3100 2400 2400      

1. The Portable crusher plant equipment to work with a multi-functional characteristics;

2. widely used in mining, coal, cement industry crushing hard materials mining site;

3. Construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other venues operations;

4. Handling topsoil and a variety of other materials; separation viscous aggregate coagulation; construction and demolition industry; screening after crushing; quarrying industries.

5. Concrete road reconstruction peeling crusher, crushing former asphalt concrete material regeneration.

Portable crusher plant is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, utilities and other materials often need to move processing operations, especially for highways, railways, hydropower engineering and other stone work flow.

Hydraulic Driven Track Portable crusher plant is the company to meet the market demand, independent research and development of mobile hydraulic-driven crawler vehicle chassis walking crushing and screening equipment. Crawler Portable crusher plant is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, utilities and other materials often need to move processing operations, especially for highways, railways, hydropower engineering and other stone work flow, the user can according to the type of processing of raw materials, finished materials of different sizes and configurations using a variety of requirements. Introduction of tracked Portable crusher plant station, confirmed the development of crushing machinery products currently presents digital, parallel, integrated and knowledge of trends. Which figures have become rapid innovation and development of core technologies. Information technology advancement and no one from the current mining technology, the traditional mining process automation at the core of automatic or remote mining mining to advanced sensor and detection monitoring systems, intelligent mining equipment, high-speed digital communications network, the new mining process such as integrated into the main technical features of the "unmanned crusher" development.

Working Principle:

Portable crusher plant

Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., design and production of crawler Portable crusher plant station can select the type of material and coarse crusher, fine crusher and screening system that can work independently Raiders single group can also be flexible joint operations unit composed of system configurations. Portable crusher plant plant for the integration into the group practices, can the material for the first line of the field broken, eliminating the material is removed from the scene and then broken, the middle part of the processing, which greatly reduces the cost of shipping materials. Portable crusher plant station configuration flexibility, according to the actual site design modifications or special Portable crusher plant station, ideal for construction waste crusher. In addition the use of mobile crusher station is fully equipped with eco-friendly features, the production process to reduce noise, dust and other factors that reduce pollution and many have been reasonable solution. crusher plant processing capacity, to best meet the needs of construction waste. Mobile crusher plant for construction waste crusher processing applications also more widely, the current construction waste utilization project has been put into use in the country, investment prospects are very impressive.


Portable Crusher Is Used In Cement Industry

Technologies to improve our transportable crusher marketplace can be a lengthy-term activity that requirements close integration making use of the market place. Specifically analysis into productivity wants a lengthy course of action , should submit the long run, lengthy-term goals , but in addition have a excellent R & D leaders , plus some crack , to really lead to the R & D center. Added value in enhancing product technology , establish the organization brand, but in addition for the with a decent mind accumulate in the style of technologies to boost the longevity of technology, manufacturing processes, fundamental materials , fundamental mechanical parts and electronic components , fundamental manufacturing equipment , lean manufacturing , flexible manufacturing along with other fundamental technical capacity and manufacturing capacity , to attain robust development of businesses.

Additionally, the portable crusher companies to quickly adjust and optimize the merchandise structure, strengthen niche items, staying away from the homogenization of competition . Simultaneously , and to service-oriented business transformation , concentrating on the technical needs of downstream customers , to supply customers with technical and product services. Meanwhile, by themselves systems to reform efforts in product cost and quality -depth potential, to help strengthen the entire process of management, cash strategy and product marketing.

Portable Crusher Plant to adapt to the development prospects of the times unlimited


Mobile crusher, also known as portable crusher plant, mobile crushing machinery and equipment in a class, different from other traditional crushing equipment, the machine is more focused on the automation operation, and full-featured, with the various components closely, dust pollution Less, so in the promotion of green mine construction of the moment, a new generation of Portable Crusher Plant is more in line with the needs of diversified production users, so that the development of portable crusher plant in the future development prospects in the future market will be a good. Based on this, the following will be a brief description of the knowledge of the Portable Crusher Plant, as follows:

  • First, compared to the traditional crushing equipment, portable crusher plants are reflected in the multi-function where?
  • Embodied a: portable crusher plant is a relatively new mining crushing equipment, which sets crusher, feeder, shaker and other equipment as a whole, can be completed at one time on a variety of gravel material crushing, screening, etc. Operation, function than a single traditional crusher, or relatively complete;

    In addition to the existing models, but also according to the actual user of the process of the type of material, product requirements, to provide a more flexible process configuration, in order to meet the user's diversified production demand.



  • Second, Portable Crusher Plant is more in line with the needs of modern mine development
  • 1, from the functional point of view, compared with a single traditional crushing equipment, a new generation of Portable Crusher Plant pay more attention to high-efficiency production, it set crushing, screening, transportation and other functions in one, simplifying the production process at the same time, also Can give users a better economic benefits.

    2, from the environmental aspects, the new generation of Portable Crusher Plant is more emphasis on environmentally friendly production, in the production process, by adjusting the material gap, to strengthen the closed measures, from the source to reduce the spread of dust, in addition, for some missing Of the dust, but also through the addition of some auxiliary foreign aid dust collection equipment, in order to achieve green crushing production, so the machine put into use the same can also be used to resolve the traditional crushing process dust sky embarrassment, but also the blue sky in the people!

    3, from the cost side, the new generation of Portable Crusher Plant all components are used in the form of car installation, not only can eliminate the complex components of the complex site installation operations, reducing the material, working hours consumption, but also greatly enhance Equipment, the flexibility of the transition, Moreover, the machine can also be directly open to the scene to complete the scene of the material broken operations, and with the advancement of raw materials to move and move, thereby greatly reducing the cost of transport materials, so more traditional Fixed crusher, the aircraft operating costs less. So in general, the investment selection of Portable Crusher Plant is more in line with the needs of modern mine development.

  • Third, Portable Crusher Plant manufacturers price advice
  • Because the different configuration under the election of the Portable Crusher Plant price is not uniform, coupled with different time under the manufacturers of equipment concessions are not uniform, so the specific market Portable Crusher Plant Price recommendations users need to consult the specific details of the mobile crushing factory manufacturers. If there is a demand, please feel free to consult SBM online at any time, here are a detailed answer for you.