Construction waste crusher performance advantage

Project Background

In recent years, with the development of urban construction, the construction waste generated by construction construction in China alone exceeds 300 million tons per year, accounting for 30%-40% of the total waste.

Construction waste crusher performance advantage

In recent years, with the development of urban construction, the construction waste generated by construction construction in China alone exceeds 300 million tons per year, accounting for 30%-40% of the total waste. In addition, the amount of construction waste generated by construction and decoration, demolition, and mining machinery industry is even larger.

Construction waste is transported to the vibrating screen feeder by forklift. The jaw crusher is mainly used for medium and fine crushing of construction waste. The crushing method is curved and squeezed, with large crushing ratio and uniform product size. . The semi-open discharge system unique to the construction waste crusher is suitable for crushing construction waste containing steel bars. The lining plate of the leveling area is designed with grooves of steel bars, and the steel bars mixed in the materials are taken out after passing through the grooves. Separation, with the steel bar cutting device will not block the main body after the steel bar is cut, and the recycled aggregate has good grain size. Cangzhou crawler construction waste mobile construction waste crushing station: It is a crushing station equipment driven by crawler or tire. The equipment can be moved and changed at any time. The great advantage is that it can be carried out at any time as the project continues to advance. Broken, while the traditional stationary crushing station cannot move, the loader is required to transport the material to the crushing site of the stationary crushing station. Mobile has greatly reduced the time of project breakage.

In the rapid development process of all walks of life, urban infrastructure construction has been continuously improved, and the demand for sand and gravel aggregates in roads, railways and buildings is also increasing. The quality of its use is becoming more and more strict, and people entering the sand and gravel industry are coming. The more small and medium-sized production lines become popular, the requirements for equipment configuration of mobile construction waste crushing plant production lines are getting higher and higher due to policies and demand.

Construction waste treatment crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, mobile construction waste crushing station, stone production line, through the classification of waste and earth and stone, all the waste is broken to the specified specifications, made into environmental and quality requirements Recycled building materials are widely used in road construction and foundation foundation. For waste wood construction waste, raw materials for recycled boards or papermaking materials can be produced through special processes; a construction waste production line can realize comprehensive utilization of mine tailings and construction waste into waste, which is the current sustainable development. A perfect interpretation of an environmentally friendly society.

High-quality construction waste treatment production line complete sets of equipment and experience, and actively involved in the research and development, development and promotion work, the establishment of a number of construction waste treatment production line experimental base in the country, achieved very good returns.

On the whole, although it is more expensive than the traditional fixed crusher, in fact, it saves us a lot of expenses (human, material, etc.) in the process of use, so that the investment cost of the two is comparable. However, the construction waste crushing station obviously returns faster and has higher returns. Now many machine manufacturers have further improved the equipment process, the production process is very recommended, and the cost performance is also very high. The construction waste disposal equipment owned by Shanqi can be crushed and processed for classification, screening and recycling.

Therefore, the call for the utilization of construction waste resources is getting louder and louder. This is also like ours. Manufacturers of construction waste crushing equipment have created opportunities. Thus, a traditional production mode has been realized. With the public's understanding and understanding of the construction waste disposal facility, it has entered the stage of development, and is generally mainly used in the construction process or in the process of building maintenance and demolition.

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