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Project Background

Gyratory cone crusherGyratory cone crusher is the key equipment for the transition between stope and subsequent processing system. Whether it is iron ore, coppe

Gyratory cone crusher

Gyratory cone crusher is the key equipment for the transition between stope and subsequent processing system. Whether it is iron ore, copper ore, limestone or other rocks, the size range of raw materials drilled and blasted is large. Therefore, most large-scale enterprises use a gyratory cone crusher to properly crush the ore crushing island to facilitate the subsequent crushing process or beneficiation process, which is the key link of the entire process. Coarse crushing gyratory crusher is the perfect crystallization of years of experience and technological innovation. It has the characteristics of low ton consumption, high energy efficiency, long service life and best crushing performance. The whole machine is made of high-quality cast steel components, which can ensure the highest functionality and operational reliability of rough crushing applications, can easily crush the hardest materials, can be used in the most severe crushing applications, and ensure the worst Smooth operation under operating conditions. gyratory cone crusher is a large-scale crushing machine that uses crushing cones' gyratory motion in the cone cavity of the shell to produce crushing, splitting and bending effects on materials, and coarsely crushes ore or rock of various hardness. The upper end of the main shaft equipped with the crushing cone supports the bushing in the middle of the load beam, and the lower end is placed in the eccentric hole of the shaft sleeve. When the shaft sleeve rotates, the crushing cone rotates eccentrically around the center line of the machine. Its crushing action is continuously performed, so the work efficiency is higher than that of the jaw crusher. The principle of the gyratory cone crusher is the same as that of the shit crusher, but the difference is that the crushing cavity is an annular space formed between the crushing cone and the fixed cone. At any instant, a part of the material is crushed, and the opposite Some materials are discharged downward at the same time, which is a continuous work system.

Gyratory crusher works

The gyratory cone crusher consists of two frusto-conical cones: a movable cone (crushing cone) and a fixed cone. The main axis of the movable cone is suspended on a fixed suspension point above the beam. Driven by the lower transmission mechanism, its cone head makes continuous eccentric rotation movement around the main axis. When the movable cone is close to the fixed cone, the ore between the two cones is mainly broken by the combined action of crushing, breaking and abrasion. After the movable cone leaves the fixed cone, the crushed product is discharged from the ore discharge port. The ore discharge side and the crushing side always keep 180 relative to the conical rotation. Angle, crushing and ore discharge are performed simultaneously. The crushing process is a continuous operation process.

The specifications of the gyratory cone crusher are expressed by the maximum width of the feed opening and the width of the discharge opening of the upper part of the movable cone and the fixed cone. For example, the size of the gyratory cone crusher is 1200/180, that is, the maximum width of the feed port is 1200mm, and the width of the discharge port is 180mm.

Gyratory cone crushers and large jaw crushers are both coarse crushing equipment for iron ore. The jaw crusher is evenly crushed by the heavy plate feeder, while the gyratory cone crusher does not use the heavy plate feeder to feed the mine, and it can be crushed by the mine train directly. Compared with the cone crusher and the jaw crusher, the main advantages of the cone crusher are: smoother work, lighter equipment vibration, higher continuous operation output, and less energy consumption; the product has a more neat shape and produces fine ore less. Disadvantages are the complex structure of the cone crusher, the inconvenience of maintenance, the height and weight of the equipment itself, and the adjustment of the ore discharge port is cumbersome.

Working principle of cone crusher

In the working process of the cone crusher, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the transmission device. The moving cone is rotated under the force of the eccentric sleeve. The static cone was crushed by multiple extrusions and impacts. When the moving cone leaves this section, the material that has been broken to the required granularity there falls under its own gravity and is discharged from the bottom of the cone

Gyratory crusher features

The difference between a gyratory crusher and a cone crusher

The cone crusher is divided into spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher according to the difference of the adjusting device and the insurance method of the mine outlet.

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