Problems and improvement methods of vibrating screen

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In the production and operation of the Vibrating Screen, the screen box cracks and the beams are often broken due to various reasons

Four reasons of cracking of vibrating screen box and fracture of cross beam and improvement methods

In the production and operation of the Vibrating Screen, the screen box cracks and the beams are often broken due to various reasons, which seriously affects the production, and even fails to produce normally, causing losses. This article summarizes the four main causes of this failure and the improvement methods.

There are four main reasons for the cracking of the vibrating screen box and the failure of the beam:

First of all, we need to know why the overload occurs, as follows:

The material is sticky, and it is difficult to sifter, so that it forms a thick layer on the sieve surface, which causes the upper material to have a suitable particle size.

Treatment method: The tilting angle of the vibrating screen can be appropriately increased to increase the speed of sliding down the screen and reduce the thickness.

In large mines, polyurethane material screens are generally selected, which are divided into plate screens and strip screens. The former has a long service life and is suitable when the material conditions are good. However, if the material is difficult to sieve down, it is easy to cause sieving area material and cause equipment overload operation to fail.

Because the bar screen is conical, in the case of the same standard hole size, the upper hole size is larger than the plate screen, so the bar screen has better passing performance.

Treatment method: Replace the original plate screen with a bar screen.

After running for a period of time, affected by the imbalance of the feed, the deformation of the support foot damping spring will be inconsistent, causing imbalance, irregular vibration trajectories, deviating vibration screens, and pulling the screen boxes on both sides. A longer time will cause the screen The box was torn and the beam was broken.

Treatment method: Improve the feeding situation by rectifying the vibrating screen into the hopper, and regularly measure the height of the support foot damping spring to ensure the support foot balance.

If the oscillating block of the vibrating screen shakes and falls loose after running, the disparity in the resistance of the pair of bearings during the maintenance process will cause inconsistent resistance, which will lead to problems such as inconsistent amplitude and unsynchronization of the vibrating screen.

Treatment method: regularly check all parts to ensure that the equipment is not faulty, and when lubricating, each shaker bearing adopts quantitative lubrication to ensure that the resistance of the grease to the shaker in each shaker is generally consistent, and ensure that the vibration trajectory is normal .

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