What kind of grinder is suitable for processing brick slag?

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What kind of grinder is suitable for processing brick slag?Brick slag is a kind of construction waste associated with the development of society. It is garbage

What kind of grinder is suitable for processing brick slag?

Brick slag is a kind of construction waste associated with the development of society. It is garbage and waste is discarded at random. In order to better respond to the call for resource recycling, brick slag is crushed and processed for permeable bricks. Manufacturing, pavement base fillers, concrete admixtures, etc. So, how much is a brick slag crusher? As the price of machine-made sand soared, some customers asked: "Can brick slag be used as sand after being crushed?" Let's answer one by one for everyone.

What kind of grinder is suitable for processing brick slag?

Brick slag is the scrap of bricks, or the waste bricks of construction, re-fired, through special production equipment, crushed and processed, used for construction-related raw materials, can also be re-made bricks.

When choosing a brick slag crusher, it is generally selected according to its material accumulation characteristics, which are roughly divided into two types.

Secondly, it is used for the concentration of materials such as brick and slag in the brickyard, and fixed crushing equipment is used. According to the different price points of the type of equipment selected, there are high and low, in order to facilitate customers to choose two more cost-effective purchase methods for you, as follows:

1. Fixed brick slag crusher

Although there are jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, high-efficiency fine crushers, etc. for the fixed brick slag crusher, the hammer crusher is recommended for you based on various factors. The crushing and crushing machine is equivalent to the processing of jaw crusher + impact crushing. It is more suitable for the use of brick slag such as brick yard, and the equipment investment is low and the effect is good.

The selection of mobile brick slag crusher depends on the impurity situation of construction waste, so when selecting, it is necessary to select suitable processing equipment according to the specific situation. However, these five classic style mobile crushers are available for you to choose from. They are mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile hammer crusher, mobile cone crusher, and mobile sand making machine.

The reason why the mobile model is used when processing construction brick and slag waste is that the construction garbage and brick and slag waste are mostly located in the environmental limitations of downtown and residential areas, and have strong dispersion and accumulation.

1. It can move freely, and production and processing can be quickly put into production without complicated infrastructure, and it can be determined quickly.

2. The structure is reasonable and compact, and the floor space is small. It is convenient, fast, and free of burden when it is tossing and turning in the major construction waste areas.

3. This equipment can be used for both oil and electricity, and it can still work normally even when there is no power or no electricity.

4. Adopt full intelligent system, the equipment can be operated with one key, save labor, efficient and convenient production.

How much is the brick slag crusher market quoted?

Based on the above analysis, we mainly introduce the market quotation of the impact crusher and mobile crusher. Depending on the size of the model, the impact crusher has a price of hundreds of thousands, and the price of the mobile brick slag crusher is higher. The price is roughly in the range of tens to millions. Of course, the above price is for reference only. If you want to know the specific quotation of crushing equipment, you need to make an inquiry for the specific equipment manufacturer. Click on the free online consultation to quickly get a newer quotation from the Shibang Industrial Technology Group for the brick slag crusher.

Is it possible to produce sand like other stones after crushing bricks and slag?

Many people say that since brick can be crushed and used in many fields, can it also produce sand like other stones? Can it be used for construction sand? In fact, it is not difficult to process brick slag into sand, but for construction sand, it also depends on the specific sand use. After all, the hardness of the brick slag material may not be able to effectively meet the hardness standards of high-quality machine-made sand. Of course, this material is crushed into sand, and there is no problem with the use of raw materials for some industries.

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